Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Despicable

Can I give this post the same name??  Ethan screamed and kicked his way to sleep. He worked up a sweat-it was so hard to put his jammies on!  Mary Claire cried, pouted, dressed for bed, and we never saw her again.  Why all the ruckus, might you ask?  Did we beat them, skip dinner, eat chocolate in front of them?  Leave them at a store?  Keep naming things-you'd never guess.  Why did we deserve the anger, tears, kicking, screaming?
Because we are nice.  We took them out to dinner, walked to the movie theater, they played outside, we saw the best (it deserved bold and italics!) movie in a LONG time, we walked more, went to the bookstore, and.  We didn't buy them something there.  They both were so moody, tired from our great playdate today (so clean, good, quiet, just great!), it just was too much to ask (give) to take them out this evening.
I know, I know, they are spoiled.  We've tried harder lately to give them less, and we are. They've given away some of their toys (voluntarily), they've been working to earn Jones' dollars, and when they have no money to spend, we say no.  It's just hard medicine to take.  (for them and for us.)
So, back to the movie (as it's more fun to talk about!).  It was amazing.  And I like all movies, and really liked Toy Story 3. This was in a whole other category.  I guess I expected it to be all about the battle to be the #1 evil villain, and it just wasn't.  I mean it was, but it wasn't the whole plot.  I don't want to ruin it for you, and I wish I could buy you all tickets so you'd run out and see it.  They don't give anything away in the previews, so I had no idea-they kept it pretty secret.  I'll just say that I'll be buying it, to watch and rewatch.  The only warning I'll give is a scene with a minion (one of the little yellow people) photocopying their bottom.  Everything else was precious, and just awesome.  Don't miss this one: Despicable Me.

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