Saturday, July 24, 2010

Conditioned to Wash

My hairstylist told me last week to try to not wash my hair with shampoo every other time in the summer-just to use conditioner and scrub my scalp.  His wife had been doing it, and her hair looked great!  So..I tried it.  It looks great right after you dry it, but later on...not so much.  Ick.  I'm NOT into dirty hair, and it doesn't look clean, so you can bet I won't try it again!  I mean, you are going through the motions, scrubbing, rinsing, drying, don't I want the fulll *clean* effect?  The answer is: Yes.  Don't try this at home (unless your hair is really dry-maybe in winter?)

I am addicted to something new (surprise!).  It is digital scrapbooking software by Stampin' Up! called My Digital Studio.  It is SUper Cool! and I figured out how to use it (Even Better!).  It is so much easier than my fancy-schmancy Photoshop Elements (which I still don't really know how to use).  After a bunch more learning...I figured out to save a page as a .jpg so here's one of the pages I created!  I have started with our Disney pix from this April-this is page 2-right as we got into the park on the first day-fun!
This is just me throwing some elements, journaling, and pictures together.  Talk about having time to scrapbook now-woohoo!  Then you just send them to be printed-talk about easy.  It came with tons of elements (like scrapbook papers, punches, buttons, ribbons, etc.), but I also got some free digikits from 2 Peas.  And they work!  I've bought a bunch of fonts from them, and they save all my downloads, so if I lose them, get a new computer (it happens!), I can still access them!  They are great-and check out their sample projects with each product-they are SO creative.  I can only look for so long, and I'm hooked again.  When we get back (oh yeah-we are going on vacation!), I downloaded a coffee-cup book I'm going to make when I get back.  It uses a starbucks tall cup as the cover (you'll just have to see it...let's see if I can find a picture..)
I know it's not super clear-but how cute is that?  A little more sturdy than my paper bag books-and we could branch out to making a book out of AnYtHiNg if you can make a book out of a REAL Starbucks cup! : )

We are headed out on an adventure starting tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted.  We are headed to high places. ; )


The Ware's said...

I'm so glad that you are enjoying the software!! Hope you guys are having a great time on your trip!

Holly said...

Hey girl! I am LOVING it!! I am using it most days as we drive..heehee
I made an even newer blog header-Yes! I used an 8.5x11, then cut it off in Photoshop-it worked fine! : )
I'll see you when we get back! : )