Sunday, July 25, 2010

Next Stop..Columbus, Ohio

Everything is cheap, if you aren’t paying for it.  “That’s cheap, Mommy,” is Clay’s response to everything.  I honestly don’t know what he’d consider expensive!  He was asking to go back to the City Museum on our way back home next week.  He doesn’t realize that we can’t do unlimited stuff.  I mean, we are pretty cool, but not that cool.  We only went there because he wanted to, and we don’t plan to go back for a while, even though it is super-fun.  We have other places to go!

So..our hotel sucked.  I don’t think the bathroom had been mopped in a long time-I saw hair in the corner by the tub!  And kinda down in the corner, not floaty like it landed there during hair-drying.  Yeah, ick.  Clay said there was some trash under the bed (he’s the official investigator, and he’s started asking about the ratings of our hotels lately-he didn’t think that one had too many stars)-so I’m guessing they haven’t vacuumed under there in a while.  They didn’t leave me a vacuum, so I couldn’t help them out.  Oh!  And their iron had an accident on my shirt, so I had to wear something else today. : (  I put water in it, and (I’m guessing again) it hadn’t been used in a really long time, so it leaked out brownish fluid onto my white shirt.  Gross.

This morning, as we were leaving town, we started looking up new hotels for tonight!  We had reservations at the same place in Columbus, Ohio, for tonight, but I didn’t want to risk it again.  We went with our old standby-Marriott, and we know it’ll be nicer.

Today has been a long day, not surprising, but we’ve learned something.  We should have had no drinks for the first hour, then not stopped so much for snacks/bathroom/new toothbrushes every hour or so.  It has cut into travel time, and now we aren’t going to be in Columbus till nine! (well, ten o’clock counting the time change!)  We had a talk at dinner about tomorrow, you know, setting clear goals and expectations and all. (Ha!)  We are going to get up, drive for three hours (lofty goal!), have lunch, then finish another 3 hours or so to Hershey, Pennsylvania. If we don’t get there early enough, we won’t have time to go to Hershey Park, which they’d like to do.  See?  We have a goal!  Well, it is vacation.

I have to say we’ve learned some geography today.  When I was teaching, we taught (memorized!) states and capitals in third grade.  Now, they don’t teach it until fourth grade-too late in my opinion.  Clay didn’t know where we were in the Unites States-I felt like a failure!  We whipped out the handy-dandy-iPad, and googled a good map.  I showed the kids where we were, all the states we’d drive through, and where we were going.  When you don’t home-school, you assume (I know, I know) that the kids are learning some things like geography (about our own country) at school.  I bet kids in Japan know our state names by third grade!

At a rest stop-the last of the day!  Our pictures from yesterday are posted down below under Summer Vacation 2010! : )

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