Wednesday, July 7, 2010

If they get crabby, put them in water!

I watched a wreck today, and no, it was not exciting!  We drove through tons of pouring rain on the way to Little Rock today.  We went down for Mary Claire's endocrinology appointment today, and I had no idea that rain was forecast.  The traffic wasn't too bad, but once it was raining cats and dogs, everyone slowed to a crawl-which did NOT help things!  Then we were all too close together.  The wreck was in the oncoming traffic on highway 430-big, wide lanes, but once a khaki truck got bumped sideways, the cars started stacking up. I hydroplaned on the same bridge (opposite side), but I had seen it coming, and didn't brake or hit the gas, and made sure I wasn't near any cars.  I was fine, but the north-bound traffic?  Not so lucky.  It was the same coming home-pouring rain!  I do better in the left lane, since I can't see the white lines in the rain, but I can see the yellow one down the left side of the lane.  There were trucks close to me, but I couldn't get over since there was a truck barely in front of me in the right lane, and I'd catch his spray (can't think of a better word..splatter, road-splash-up, still thinking..), so I had to wait it out with someone too close on my bumper!  Enough to stress me.
I didn't even think to take pictures of Mary Claire when we were there (I have only taken one that I remember-when she was about three or four), so I don't have one for you.  : (
It was a bittersweet day.  Dr. Lee told us she was moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to be closer to her family, and work down there.  She's being replaced by Annie Wang, but they told us they'd mail us an appointment, since she's not on staff yet.  I think we will switch back to Dr. Maass in Bentonville, since there is no longer a real benefit from driving that far to a specialist (well, a pediatric specialist).  She's eight now, so maybe she is old enough to graduate back to a plain endocrinologist.  Dr. Lee told us that everything looked great (her A1c-three month blood sugar average) and her blood sugars/boluses uploaded from her pump were good, and still appropriate for her age.  She said there was nothing more we could do.  I like that, but I don't.  I'd complain if she gave me a bad grade, but I always feel there is more to learn.  I wish she'd taught me something today.  I'm happy to be kinda done there, as it is so emotional to go back each time (after being there with Clay, and then with Mary Claire), so much comes flooding back, and just taking the exit makes me cry.  I pulled it together (since my kids are fine), then lost it again when we were leaving.  It was kinda goodbye-I hope for a long time.  I took out my camera, and thought to snap a couple pictures (all bad) of the Arkansas Capitol Building.  We've visited before, and took amazing pictures, especially of the stained glass ceiling..but, I don't know where they are!  So, here is my sucky picture:
Remember, I was trying to drive, not take a great picture!  So, here is one I snagged from a google search, and much better!
Then we left, and weren't ready to turn around and drive back quite yet.  We needed to walk around, and I needed to get motivated to drive all the way back! We went to Target, and Mary Claire picked three notebooks for school (yes, they were stocking the school stuff-I just love school supplies!), we looked for Ethan a lunchbox, but decided to let him pick, we got a little bit of clothes, and she picked a Barbie movie to watch on the way home.  Then we went to Chili's for dinner, and checked out the Gold Crown Store (a Hallmark with much more!).  I really liked it, and we'll have to go back!  We got there 14 minutes before they closed, so we did a really fast walk-through.  I bought a picture/canvas that we really liked, and I hung it as soon as we got home.  I usually take a long time to make a decision, but I thought I'd regret not getting it, and I'm not going back anytime soon.
I think you'll be able to read it, I enlarged it just a bit.  It was so sweet, and I was already loving on my girl, missing by boys, and it just seemed appropriate for our last Little Rock trip.  Mary Claire's favorite was: When they're crabby, put them in water!  hahaha  It does help, really!

Well after 11 hours, we are home and in bed.  I'm always super-thankful to make it home safely and to even be home.  It's good for me to miss the laundry.  heehee  Speaking of...I have been fitting laundry in-between things for two days, and I'm almost done, so I have accomplished something...putting it away is another story!

It's my bedtime..night-night!

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