Monday, April 12, 2010

The Most Magical Place on Earth-Just what I needed!

We've had a long day already, and it's not over yet!  We've been at Magic Kingdom all day, and the kids were so tired..and Ches was hungry for non-Disney food.  I'd planned to stay till the fireworks at 10, but it wasn't going to work.. We still have two hours, so we're resting up.  We went to eat dinner, and Ethan and Mary Claire fell asleep and took short naps in the car.  All Ethan wanted to do was go back to the hotel!  He still hasn't eaten his boxed-up dinner.
I called my doctor's office early this morning to see if I could ride rides, since they make Ches sick.  It was okay, so we got fast passes to Space Mountain first (Clay's choice).  Then we piddled around, rode the Transit Authority, got a picture with Buzz Lightyear (after Ethan talking about just this for two weeks), then he freaked out, and wouldn't stand with Buzz!

We did the best we could, and Ches got him in the picture.  I think he'll regret it tomorrow, but he'll still have a picture.

Then we split up.  Ches took Ethan to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride (and shoot at aliens, which he loved), and I took Clay and Mary Claire to ride on Space Mountain in the dark.  Clay loved it so much, he begged to get more fast passes as soon as we got off of it!  So, Ches got more passes for him, Mary Claire, and Ethan for the Buzz ride, and she went with them the next time.  (Roller Coasters in the dark are not her thing.  But she tried it again, which she gets bonus points for!)
We also waited to see the Fairies-which we hadn't seen before.  They were cute, and Tinkerbell was nicer than I had heard she'd be!  She was still very sassy, but it was okay.  Mary Claire just got so quiet, and didn't hardly say a word!  They asked her if she was always this quiet, and I had to say, "No!"  She was nervous about Tink I think.
See?  It turned out cute, but she was sooo shy! : )
Then we got snacks (don't get the frozen banana covered in chocolate and nuts), and headed over to meet Ches, Clay, and Ethan in Frontier Land.  They'd ridden the train over there, so we picked up the stroller they'd left, and headed across the park.  We found out where Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen were, but by the time we got there, they'd closed the line, and started a new one (I know, amazing.), but I wasn't willing to wait another hour till they started up again, and she didn't care to wait either.  We found Woody and Jessie, and asked if Ethan wanted to see them.  He did!  He said he'd shake Woody's hand and take a picture with him.  Soo..we waited in that very long line, and when it was our turn, Ethan took off!  Literally, ran away.   Ches chased him down, and there the characters stood.  So, Clay, Mary Claire and I took a picture with Woody and Jessie.

I had to go looking for Ches and Ethan!  Crazy.  So, no more do I believe he'll wait and take pictures.  I've learned (well, it only took me two tries.)
Anyway, we rode the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Mary Claire loved it!  I was so glad she found one she liked.  We hung around for a while longer, then rode the train around the park back to the front.  They were doing work/safety checks on the monorails, so it took a long time.  By the time we got off to go to our car, they'd stopped all monorails and told the people in line that they'd find alternate transportation for them (Scary!).  I don't know what was going on, but after that wreck last year, I guess it's safer to stop them than let them run unsafely.
Ok, we gotta decide what to do, and get to doing it-it's already 8:30!
ps-I posted a Flickr slideshow down below of some of today's pictures! : )


The Ware's said...

So glad you guys are having a good time! Enjoy yourselves!!!

Holly said...

We are, thanks, Sandra! We are all tired, and I keep yawning on rides, but we keep going. It's fun, and we'll rest when we get back. We'll need a vacation from our vacation. : ) heehee