Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Late..and Tagged

I don't have too much time-I just spent an hour filling out the paperwork/forms for my specialist appointment.  There were almost as many forms as there were to register Ethan for preschool!  There weren't enough lines for all my pregnancies (sad), so I had to draw an arrow, and turn over the form.  I wonder if they get that often?
Today I had Mother's Day Out, drove around running errands, and found a sticker on my shirt with the size-on my way from taking Mary Claire to gymnastics this afternoon..I'm wondering if anyone saw it and they were just too polite to pull it off or tell me?  How embarrassing.  I'm not too far out there for you to tell me!
We had fun at Bunco, and we all learned new things!  It was fun, and I needed a good evening.  We didn't talk babies, and for that tiny thing, I'm a little thankful.  I talked to three good friends earlier today, and had good conversation.  I do know I need to talk about it in order to cope and heal, so I'm trying.  I'm getting better.
Sleep well, and I'll check in tomorrow. : )

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