Thursday, April 15, 2010

Marking Time

We will head back to Arkansas soon.  We are on our way to the airport.  We’ve explored Downtown Disney again, ate at TRex again (think Rainforest Café only with dinosaurs and meteor showers), and shopped a little.  Clay had really wanted to get another monorail, but we’d been against it.   Last year, they had their monorails separated and parts lost within a week.  I don’t even know if either boy has all four sections!  Anyway, we had to go back to check them out.  Clay had picked out one with an orange stripe, and Ethan picked out a train with Mickey, Goofy, and Donald hanging out the windows.
Mary Claire chose some clothing (and a tiara) for her babies to wear.  By the time we left, they’d changed their minds about a hundred times! Clay ended up with Toy Story army men (that I tried to explain were cheaper at Wal-Mart, but to no avail), and Ethan left wailing (even after he got his train) since he saw a bigger train at the exit.  He picked up the handle, and started out the door with it!  We had to take it away, and he was so mad!  Then he didn’t want his little train.  Ahh, only when you’re three does your momma understand you.  I just couldn't get mad at him.
We had to have a little talk on the way back to the car.  We explained spoiled and greedy, and self-control.  I think it went over Ethan’s head, but Clay and Mary Claire were very sweet.  I think they get that they can’t fit all they toys they wish for into their rooms!  I explained that we have to teach them self-control so that when they grow up, they’ll have it.  They won’t always be able to have whatever they want.  I think they got it.  Mary Claire even recognized when she used to cry when she came out of a store with nothing.  She said she likes to come out with something.  I get that feeling. That’s why we let her take in her Bella and Violet when we go somewhere-she gets to leave with them!
We’ve had fun in Florida, and it was good for a diversion for all of us.  Today marks two weeks since they took my sweet babies out.  I was a little moody this morning, but I’m okay-I swear this medicine is good.  It can’t just be me.  More double strollers at Downtown Disney today-I guess I’ll always feel something.  I’m sure I’ll mark time in weeks, months, due dates, and tiny moments for a while.  I read last night that the cure for a miscarriage is another baby-ha.  When they seem so unattainable, how can that be the only cure?  I have to find more to do with my time.  I’m almost finished with my second miscarriage book-the last chapter.  I have my follow-up regular ob/gyn appt. tomorrow: my two-weeks-after appointment.  I’m nervous, but hoping to get some answers.  I think they tested the babies, and maybe they’ll tell me something?  I also have to tell him we are seeing a specialist on 5/3, and that he has to copy my files.  I did learn (in the most recent book) that I still see him and the specialist.  I only see the specialist until around 35 weeks, or until everything looks fine.  The regular doctor will deliver me (well, you know, if).  Ok, gotta stop there.  Just too much.
And could I get no more formula in the mail?  Why do they do that?  How did they get my address?

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