Monday, April 26, 2010

Missing His Help

Today could be the big day-the day the bleeding stops!  That could be a small victory in itself.  Really.  Do you remember the old saying about 'how can anything bleed for seven days and not die'?  Well, I'm at three and a half weeks-amazing.  And I'm not dead yet!  (ok..curiosity got the best of me..apparently George Carlin said it on one of his albums in the seventies, then more recently it was on South Park).
Ches has been sick since Sunday morning.  We aren't sure what's wrong.  He went to the doctor today for a flu test and blood work.  We only know he doesn't have the flu, maybe a virus, and the bloodwork results should come back by tomorrow.  He has a fever (around 102 on tylenol and ibuprofen), headache and muscle aches.  I think the headache is better, but body aches may be worse.  He's such a good helper around the house that I'm really missing him.  It's hard to do all the work myself! : )
We opened the pool last week, and now we have one more thing to take care of.  We keep testing the water, and it's off.  The pH is off and so is alkalinity (they go together..)-and we just got the salt level up high enough to turn on the salt water generator (it's a salt water pool, and generates chlorine as it breaks down the salt).  I think we added at least 50 pounds of salt!  You'll be thanking me if you're swimming with us this summer! : )
My computer is down to 13%, so I won't be typing much more.. I don't want it to die!
I've seen TOO much twin stuff lately, bad I flipped to channel 48 for two seconds-long enough to see that now there is a show called.. something like Bringing Home Multiples.  I watched a few crazy minutes, and turned off the tv.  Then we got the American Doll catalog, and they sell twins.  I'm sure I'm just in a more heightened state of awareness (fancy talk for I'm seeing them everywhere!!).
Mary Claire asked why our babies keep dying tonight-what do you say to a sweet little girl?  I can't remember where the conversation was going, but I told her that it wasn't going to bring them back to get mad and yell and complain, so we had to move on.  She asked if I still prayed for a baby, and I said yes, if God wants to give us one.  I think I'm past my mad phase.  Finally.   Progress.

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