Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blinking Red 20

Hi, my name's Holly, and I'm addicted to XM Radio.
I seriously LOVE it!  I am currently addicted to Oprah radio (channel 156, Ya'll!), and I listen to Gayle King's show, Dr. Oz, old Oprah reruns (or do-overs), Maya Angelou, Even Laura Berman (only if I'm alone!), and Lisa Kogan (she's only on when I'm almost never in the van).  So Good!  I've learned about trying to hug my boy, even if he doesn't want it, and today I learned about a woman who was learning to cook with Iraqi women, bonding with them during the war.  Current events, health, and family stuff-so far, worth the fee.  (Ask me again in 3 months when it renews!)
Ches may be on the up-swing.  He's out of the bed (thank the Lord), so there's promise.  He went back to the doctor today, and now they think since he broke out with some rashy spots, that it might be a tick-borne illness.  They hesitate to call it Lyme Disease, but they gave him some antibiotics, since testing for the two or three things it could be takes time, and it's easier to just medicate him to see if it helps.  He got some pain pills for the pain and inflamed joints also.
I hate to be negative.  But.  This illness has been really hard on me.  I've made him food, brought him a little lap desk, cleaned up food remains, cleaned the nightstand of Icky Stuff, changed the pillowcase, cleaned the bed of crumbs, straightened up the bed (if he's up for a bath), I'm taking care of the kids all alone, and I'm not getting any sleep since he's watching tv all day and night or shaking out some pills from his bottles or eating, and I'm so worn out! (although last night I took a Xanax and slept like a log, cause one of us had to get some relief!)
So, it occurred to me..I'm wondering if this is how hard it was when I was down and out four weeks ago.  It's tough!  And what goes around does come around..

Ok, I have a sticky situation, and you can advise me.  I have been lazy (honesty: come and get it here!) lately, and haven't listened to my answering machine in almost a month.  I do scroll the call list, but I've felt like I'm under no obligation, due to circumstances.  I've kinda given myself some room.  (and because some of them-maybe only 2-were Ethan telling us he loved us-too precious to delete!)  Well.  I finally listened to most of them on Saturday evening, and there was one from a good friend asking to play.  I have no idea when she called!  It could've been when we were out of town, maybe during the surgery time, maybe she didn't know.  I don't know!  But she asked to play, and said if I didn't want to play not to call back.  (!)  I feel awful!  I would never not call back, but now I haven't called back.  What a mess.  That blinky *20* on there is starting to get to me.  I gotta pull it together and get back in the game.  That Mommy Game of play with people and socialize and smile-maybe I drew the Go To Jail (Go Directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200) card, and have just rolled for the third time. (and maybe I'm headed towards hotels..eek!)  So.  What would you do?
I'm off to bed (maybe early?), Woo Hoo!  I just LOVE my bed.  Well, I love it when it's clean and I get to actually sleep in it..


Joanne said...

Please read Burrascano Guidelines found at you will find there is a lot about Lyme disease that most main stream doctors are not aware of.

If not adequately treated in the initial stages then years of chronic ill health can be sufferred. Imagine Ches remaining as sick as he is now until the end of his life yes it is a serious possibility if he is sufferring with lyme Disease.

I was treated on long term antibiotics as per ILADS and after 6 1/2 years of debilitating illness I have at last got my life back.

Linda said...

What she said. Concise and to the point.
For time zones around the world:)

You don't need advice about returning phone calls, you know what to do. L & H

Holly said...

THanks, Joanne. We'll check the website. We haven't gotten the five-day test back yet, but now they think it's Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. There are two other things it could be: both tick-borne, I can't spell them. He has no red rash/swollen spot where he got bit, and that's why they are leaning towards RMSP right now. He has the antibiotics, and he's supposed to check with the doctor today to tell him how he's feeling. He still hurts to move, the fever is lower, but he still can't work. Really sucks, since this is the last day of class! He's having the students submit their presentations via email, it's just all he can do right now.
Thanks for the info, and hopefully we'll get this figured out: six years we could not handle!! I am glad you are feeling better finally. I can't even imagine.

Holly said...

Mom, I'm checking-thanks for telling me!
Ok, but it's impossible for him to be more than 24 hours ahead of us. The sun can't circle his side of the globe faster than it does ours!

Well, I'll call her, but I fell BAD it's been so long. ANd it's only 'cause I wasn't listening to messages. It sounds like a lie, but it's real! Ahh, it's like you can't really drop off the planet for a couple weeks anymore. heehee

The Mom said...

:) Maybe he is near the moon? How many time zones away would that be? lol

Anonymous said...

Hey, Holly! I'm sure your friend understands and knows you've been through a lot. It sounds like it was a casual invitation with no pressure. You're totally allowed to drop off the planet for a while! Hope Ches feels better soon.

The Mom said...

Thanks Holly for picking up the piece of chrome and paperwork for me in Carthage. I was so exhausted I don't know if I properly thanked you. Please don't tell Ethan I told you about the baby powder incident. It is between he and I. I vacuumed his sheets (while they were on the bed:). lol What a hoot~ We had a great time~ L & H

Holly said...

Thanks-I haven't called yet, but still feel bad.. I was in Joplin all day yesterday, then Ches was admitted to the hospital today!

Mom-you're welcome : ) Sorry I didn't pay you enough, I never know how much is enough! I really appreciate you watching the kids though. I had no idea Ches wouldn't make it through the day. I didn't plan for you to stay that long. Thank you so much!! We got a lot done in Joplin, so it was good. I know they have fun when you are there-maybe next time you won't have a Powder Party! : ) heehee
THank you, thank you, thank you!! Again, for today too!! xoxoxoxo

The Mom said...

Not to worry, the money you paid yesterday, paid for pizza delivery tonight for five of us. YUMMY for our tummies. We had another great day today, hence the video:) They are perfect kids in every way~~ L & H

p.s. See you in the morning;)