Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Incwedibly Thick. (and sick too)

My little cold has progressed into some serious congestion. I've currently ran my Advil Cold & Sinus out-I must travel to the kitchen to get more. I'm using Mucinex which makes my nose run, but I still can't breathe! I can't even pop my ears when I plug my nose and blow! You know what I think it is? All that dusting! I shall do no more for at least a month (or two?)! I'm on strike! (with a going-downhill house!)
Today was church-it was okay. Just me and the kids. Ches stayed home with Ethan (but he's currently well, so it's paying off!) Clay was pretty good, but Mary Claire was high (210) and was acting naughty. I checked her purely based on her behavior. We had the normal (how many more songs? and how many more minutes?) plus her "I don't want to go to children's liturgy", plus the "I've got gum" (wanted me to get it, but kept it clenched between her -back-teeth, and wouldn't give it up) plus the rubbing her head/dance-y behavior during the Our Father (while holding the hand of one of her babysitters, Alexis, on the other side), plus the "my shoes came off", get the idea. I could name a couple more, but you'd ask why I didn't take her to spank her (gasp!) when she traveled to the bathroom 'cause she couldn't wait anymore. (Frankly, I got a small break-gasp again.)
I just love it when I have a good, precious moment at church (prayer with MC-she prayed that Clay would grow up to be a big child of God-while we were praying for her!), or when Clay grabs my hand and puts it around me and lets me hold him. It makes it worth it. Or when they make you proud and stay kneeling for over 3 minutes-ahh, that's my boy. : )
Anyway, we came home, had lunch, and I crashed into my warm bed (gotta love electric blankets!). I slept (struggled to breathe), then made some cocoa for Clay (and all the rest of us too!) who'd been outside for a long time
(tell ya later) in our 34 degree weather, and yes, it was 72 here yesterday. Then, made chicken and dumplings to help me (with the breathing again). I used garlic and onion in the broth, so it did help. Ethan didn't like it, so Ches made him leftover Dada (pizza) from last night. I know I tell stories out of order, but we can go to Tim's Pizza (call on the way, sit down, it's served, we eat, leave) and we are only there for about 25 minutes. So...we eat there a lot. And there are leftovers! : )
Ok, so last night we made a trip to Target to fulfill the kids' dreams of spending their gift cards. Long story short (you only get lucky once), Ethan got a Baby Einstein book that had push buttons for sounds/music, Mary Claire got a Puppies in My Pocket carrying case with little pandas (seriously, you'd think there'd be puppies in there!), and Clay only could find a cool K'nex kit. It was $20, and he only had $13. I don't like to force them to get a $10 toy, cause in the boy department, you can only get killing things or possessed-looking things. I'm all for construction toys. So, we made a deal that he could pick up leaves today for the other $7-not knowing it'd be 34 degrees! So, I felt sorry for him out there gathering leaves, so I got him nestled by the fire afterward, made him cocoa, and generally petted him (wrong, I know, but I love him).
So tonight, he was up there (supposed to be sleeping) squinting trying to put it together! I also like that work is required to have the fun. Teaches them something. Anyway, he'll have a project tomorrow on the last vacation day. They go back to school on Tuesday to finish the last half of their school year. They can't believe it is half over! Can I just say they have the best teachers?? Mary Claire's teacher just adores her, gets her. And MC loves her, so she'll work for her. Bonus! Clay's teacher is perfect since he sometimes acts up, and she's ON to him! Ha! She also knows he needs to be challenged, so she's let him and a couple other kids read Mouse and the Motorcycle (5th grade level!) and discuss. He loVeS to read, and is happy it isn't a picture book. See? I told you, perfect.
Alrighty, must get the meds I had to show ID for. I'll really post their gift pix below. G'night!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful children! Happy New Year!

Gigi said...

I hope your cold gets better, but if you go to the doctor, get refills. This little buggy might spread to people you love.

Take aspirin, gargle with salt water and get plenty of rest to shake the cold away from you!

The kiddies are sweet and cute and fun and I hope they enjoy the last day of Christmas holiday before school.

Holly said...

I think they did. mary Claire and I shopped all day, and Clay wiied, and Ethan always parties-today, sans pants! I do need to get some aspirin, I'd meant to do that for my headaches anyway! I think I have to SlEeP! I'm headed to bed now, but I have to get Lexi for the Last Call for Alcohol (well, pee, water, and food!).
Hope you feel better too! ps-did you return your library videos, or did they give you an extension?