Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Through the Roof!

Houston was a little cooler today-high was around 55 degrees. Still better than home-only reached about 20 degrees.

Well, the biggest news is that we have a big limb (not human. . . relax!) sticking out of our roof. We've now had two neighbors confirm this. We just couldn't believe it. It defies reality. It's only about 3 or 4 inches in diameter (or estimates tell us...), so I guess it was built up with ice, and dropped from high enough, that it speared the roof. Of course, we have the usual worries..Water damage, sheetrock, carpet, etc. but ALsO! Squirrels! We haven't had squirrels in the attic since I've been blogging, so I've probably failed to mention the miserable little things. They get in and scratch around, jumping, having babies, eating at my storage tubs, the usual. Ches is humane, so we have a trap (yes, they make such a thing). You put peanut butter on the little lever inside, and when they lick it, the trap door slams. It's a big cage. So then they have to be driven away (in your car!) at least 10-15 miles away or they'll find their way back! So, he takes them up by work to the hills, and releases them. We've also tried the sticky traps, but you can't get them off, and have horrible guilt when you sling the things off into the high grass...and the cats eat them (I'm just guessing).

I digress, sorry. Anyway, as the ice around the stick/spear melts, I was worry about squirrels getting into the cracks/openings around the spear. I called my insurance agent and he's put a rush on the claim, and is having someone cover the hole asap to prevent further damage. So we are managing from afar. We also called the security system people since the battery power ran down (bad news of course, but when the power comes back, it'll be set again). So then we called the Springdale Police and asked them to patrol the area more closely, and they said they would do extra patrol till we get back, Saturday-ish. Woo-hoo! So that's where our tax money goes!! : )

Ok, so fun trip so far. We spent the majority of today at the Houston Children's Museum. There was plenty to do (our favorite is still the St. Louis Children's Museum) and apparently they (HSM) are having a grand re-opening (with cooler stuff) in March. So some of the displays were closed off and "under construction". They loved the balls and motion stuff, building area, grocery store, post office, bank, art/masks, etc. It was fun-so fun that Mary Claire went low again
running around today. It is so hard to control blood sugar with all these other factors! Eating out is scary business-just lots of guessing! Then we have to take into account all the extra exercise driving her blood sugar down naturally.

Tomorrow is Galveston, beach, and the Space Center, with Friday planned to be the Houston Zoo. We're staying here another two nights since power won't be restored to NWA until Saturday around midnight.

Should I update on conditions back home? Miserable destruction. War Zone. Hideous and Depressing were the words I got today. It looks like a wasteland, trees shattered and broken, no one on the road or even out at all, most businesses and all schools closed. Houses are down to around 40 degrees inside-where people are living. All refrigerator/freezer foods have gone bad, so people are eating canned foods or fresh fruit that's left now. (I'll be making a huge trip to WM when we get home) Even the ketchup, butter, insulin are ate room temperature now-which is low, but not low enough to preserve all the frozen food. I worry about all the ice cream, ice pops and ice melting-will they leak out? Or will they when I open the door?

All sorts of problems. I'm glad we took off for the South. It's a fun vacation, even if unplanned/unexpected! School is closed again tomorrow, probably Friday. How can the kids or even teachers get ready with no hot water, or no hot food, no alarm clock, no tv to tell them school is open or closed, and some have electricity but no cable tv, so no news. It's just terrible. A natural disaster.

Mom's neighbor's large old oak fell through her (the neighbor's) roof today. There were two men trying to help clean up and get out branches and sections of trunk, but they both were injured, and quit. It's just unimaginable for us. Say a prayer for them all.

Good night, and maybe better news tomorrow?

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