Friday, January 2, 2009

All About the Improper Driving Ticket-TMI

Let's see. I've bought the Daisy girl scout patches for our meeting on Sunday-most of the girls have already earned a few petals, and we get to put them on at our next meeting. I mailed a check to pay my "Improper Driving" ticket today (in a Bank of America envelope-tell you why in a minute), picked up lots of drugs at WM (and had to show ID for Advil Cold & Sinus), ate a broken taco on the way home, my day is only just beginning! Ok, I remembered I had a court date (heehee-I feel naughty just saying it!) on Monday morning at 7am (can I CAPITALIZE 7AM??) and decided not to make an appearance, so I called, and they didn't take debit cards. What kind of city are they? What if people pass bad checks? A debit card is a sure thing. Anyway, the lady (Shannon) at the Bank of America drive thru asked if there was anything else she could do for me, and I said I needed an envelope, so she got me one! That's service! Next time I'll ask for tiramisu! : ) I didn't have a stamp, so I went to the post office -horrible line- so I went to the machine. You can't spend less than a dollar, so I bought three stamps-and they are the ugly barcode sticker things. Sadness. I like the flowers, Mickey Mouse, or least a Liberty Bell or something. Bad thing is, I have two left just like it. Ugh. And I pay all my bills online, so some poor friend is going to get the Ugly Stamp. Will it be you? I gotta send out thank you's, so it could come your way... And yes, I put my return address on BofA envelope, so it wouldn't go back to the bank in case I remembered the Rogers Police address incorrectly.
It's been a fun day, huh?
I'm off to get medicated, and fit in some Wii. Maybe a nap since I don't feel too hot.
Oh, and I should vent a little too: Why did I get the ticket you ask? I was going 49 on Wagon Wheel Road-the one they are making into a FIVE lane road since it's becoming a major thoroughfare (a Northern Corridor) between 540 Bypass and 71Business. BUT, the week before, they lowered the speed limit to 25 (CAPITALS:25!!??) on a major road?? And, when I said to the officer (obviously new and nice-except for the handout-of-the-ticket) Yeah, it just changed Last Week! (Very Stupid Response On My Part), He knew I knew the new limit, so I got a ticket. WHY, may I ask, did we lower it??? Only to gain money for the cities/counties it represents-three cities, two counties (yes, for a 2 mile stretch of road). I was going 24 over (sounds extreme, I know, but I was taking Ethan to the dr. to discover he had pneumonia-yes again, pre-blogging, or you woulda heard about it). AnD, I only got Improper Driving (not to complain) so it keeps it off my record, doesn't get reported to my insurance or make it go up, I just have to pay the fine. So, AgAiN, my point is, it's only to gain money. I didn't figure I'd make a good impression on the judge next Monday at 7am with my complaint of the too-low speed limit, so I'm just sending the money as late as possible. Ok, thoughts aired. I'm off to Wii! (Henceforth, used as a verb also!)
Footnotes for Mom: TMI (Too Much Info), WM (Wal-Mart)


Gigi said...

They're coming to take you away, ha ha!

They're coming to take you away, ha ha!

That's a song you know..

The kids are fine, MC's blood sugar is stable and both kiddies ran the neighborhood re-establishing old friendships and making new friends with both kiddies and doggy's.

At one point we had six dogs in the driveway. Big Dog could not contain her glee and domination. BART (yorkie), Big Dog (black lab), Sammy (beautiful beagle), Maggie (of large indiscriminate heritage?), Lucy (miniature Basset Hound), and Midnight (black lab) had a great time enjoying their smelling, wagging tails and general happiness. What a party!

We managed to stay outside the entire day except for our brief lunch time in which Clay and MC wanted to know if they could just eat outside. What a beautiful sunny day we had to enjoy together!

MC wants specific instructions on how to make the spoon you made me (when you were seven?) with embroidery thread or cross-stitch, and words printed, when you were seven. The spoon has totally intrigued her and she wants to make one as well.

Enjoy your Wiiing ;O)

Gigi said...

Ummm..Sad for me. Clay went home with the excuse of being sick, but methinks he missed his darling Lexi. MC is fine without him, but our morning feast will be less rather than more. Clay thinks Lexi needs a warm bed to sleep in...his. That is so sweet, he worries about his new puppy when he is not there.