Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Strange

Let's see:

Bad Things today:
*We found a poop on the carpet.
*My favorite blog background website, the one that actually got me started-the very reason I started (I clicked on a button on someone else's site, and then it said on the other side to click to start a blog...), yeah, they are DoWn right now, and now they are charging for backgrounds now. Color me sad.
*I had to take poop to the animal hospital for them to recheck for Lexi's coccidia. I had to turn a Ziploc inside out, grab said poop, turn the baggie around, and put it in my very nice purse (Dooney and Burke large ivory leather Chiara bag)-it's very messy at the moment, but I love it. It has a story-I got it on a family trip to St. Louis-a birthday present. But, I digress...
*Mary Claire woke up very high-386-and I had to change her site immediately. She was 126 at 12:30am, and she skyrocketed after that. I guess she had air in her insulin pump tubing or something?
She can be high, but over night is horrible. She requires so much more insulin in the morning already, and for a high, she was going to need tons! She couldn't eat breakfast or go to school, so I kept her with me till almost nine.
*I had a small child running around naked most of the morning. It keeps you on edge-like a grenade with the pin pulled!
*During our prayer this am, Clay rolled his eyes at what I was saying (aaahhhh!), and I asked God to help my kids not roll their eyes at their Mom. He thought it was so funny, and got in a better mood. Hey-God answered our prayer, and blessed my family! Sometimes you just gotta say what's on your mind!
*Ches played with my blog after I asked him not to touch it.
*Lexi destroyed lots of paper products today-napkins, newsprint, magazines, tag on a blanket, tissue... Ethan and Mary Claire took pictures. I'll have to have a look at the camera and see if any of them are good enough to post!

Good Things today:
*I remembered what Mom said, and I got around before I got the kids up this morning-and it helped! Sometimes (missing some sleep) and investing a tiny bit in yourself does really help. You don't feel so neglected, or third-rate.
*Lexi made five pees and two poops in the right place!
*I found new blog backgrounds after much stress and googling!
*My fave show is on-Grey's Anatomy! : ) and it's NoT a rerun!
*Lexi's coccida (poop protozoa) is gone now! She doesn't have to take any more meds-but she'd just gotten to liking it.
*I got to have some time alone with Mary Claire this morning, and she got to have her breakfast (Mini-Wheats) in the car.
*Ethan decided to work on potty training again. He took off his pants, and made two pees in the potty chair! I cheered for him, but didn't really push him. I did go to WM (of course) while Mary Claire was in gymnastics and buy him underwear-9 pairs (with Cars, rockets, and the thick training kind)! I've never had Pull-ups work for a child-and this is my third to potty train. They just pee and take them off. Underwear gives them that cold, dripping, wet, I've just made a mistake feeling. They always work better! I do like Pull-ups to use at night for a few months. They are essentially diapers. They absorb whatever doesn't wake them up, and they pull up like diapers. But hopefully we won't be driving up the Huggies stock much longer.
*My girl has strong arms, and is awesome on bars! She did so well at gymnastics! I had to shower her with praise-she certainly deserved it. It's always been a strength of hers-since she was 20 months-yes, really (Mommy and Me class).
*This morning during prayer on the way to school, the kids wanted to pray for Ethan like they always do-I'm so thankful they love and care about him!
*Ches helped me to find other blog backgrounds and found some HTML code to help me. I was in Deep Distress. Yes, we can still say OC.
*I got Mary Claire some new pump supplies ordered today. The Medtronic sales rep was Really Nice and understood that I was driving and couldn't write stuff down (and had a pup, her poop in my purse, daughter who was high and was insistent she was StArViNg!, and had a toddler watching a video) since I was a little busy. He said I could wait to verify my insurance info line by line aloud-his words- (when I told him it was all still the same) the next time I called-Bless Him.
*I was driving way under the limit (60 in a 70mph) when I passed a state trooper (I think I was on the phone concentrating too hard).
*Lexi ate a lot of food today, maybe she'll gain a few ounces!!
*Nurse Tracy came out to get Mary Claire (and to see Lexi) when I dropped Mary Claire off at the school since I had a jammied-barefooted(he pulls them off!)-boy, and a pup in the van. She's precious. She signed my sweetie in and everything. Lord, bless her too.
*Who else to bless? Well, Christy-the Pottery Barn Queen, Susan-ready-ing a party for two- and three-year-olds!, Mom-the-listener, Poop-investigating Vet and the Very Sweet Girls at the front desk, the precious, intelligent girls who've gone before me and figured out how to make blog backgrounds and are willing to help me!, and Christina and Meredith-they just have to make up!

Strange Things today:
*When Ethan woke up, and I opened his diaper to change it, he had a car (black corvette) down in his diaper-to the left of his manhood. There was a red place on his skin-apparently it'd been there all night. Weirder-didn't it bother him, and why didn't he take it out? I could not make up stuff like this if I TRiEd!

ps-my dryer mysteriously worked today! Yay, Whirlpool! (not quite a Maytag, but I'll take it!)

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Gigi said...

Black Corvette? I always favored '34 Fords. I have to talk to the young one sometime. I wonder if there is a possibility of teaching him to adore the early Fords?

I can't even imagine the minute details that you are leaving out of your daily routine?

May the Lord watch over you and your precious family without ceasing.

Psalm 145: 18 The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon Him, to all that call upon Him in truth.