Thursday, January 1, 2009

To Shave or Blog..

Ok, I actually had this thought in my head today (scary!), "Should I shave my legs or spend more type on my blog?" I said scary.
Ok, other scary thing. I was singin' My Toilets Are Clean (to the tune of Nanny, Nanny, Boo, Boo).
Third not so scary thing-I tried the smoky eye (but not too dark, for I'm going out -nanny, nanny, boo, boo! -at 4pm though), and actually tried to take a picture. I first covered all with ivory (matte thought, as I read no sparkly flecks over 30) then, layered with a lightish brown in crease and eyelid, then eyeliner on top only, then dark brown along lash line and almost to crease, then darker shade in crease and brushed it all to blend (fairly inexpensive Sonya Kashuk brush from Target). I thought it was ok, it's my new-ish eye shadow look. I took a picture, but I didn't do such a good job since I had to see what I was taking a picture of...I'll try to upload it. Just don't look if not interested. !: )
I must say Happy Birthday!! to my mom. Her bday was yesterday! We went to Copeland's in Rogers for lunch with some of her friends! : ) It was fun, the food was great, and the desserts and coffee-better? Dora took a very good picture, but I don't know if I'll get a copy soon. If so, I'll post. We stayed till 3ish. I didn't leave the parking lot till 3:40! It was a long lunch, as she likes it. I join them for lunch periodically, so I know their preferences. No dishes to be removed too soon, don't bring the bill till we ask for it, always offer a dessert menu, don't rush us to order, get the order RIGHT the first time, come frequently to refill some drinks, don't touch the tea after it's perfectly sweetened.... I have absolutely no preferences. Does it come with plenty of eating out, age-knowing what you want, or getting to know your friends so well you'll actually talk about your preferences? I am just so thrilled to be out alone eating in a restaurant enjoying food I didn't cook, and knowing I don't have to clean the dishes or crumbs, and I get to sit here for more than 38 minutes (including ordering AND eating) due to the "Done, done" climbing out boy who doesn't want to sit on a lap-he wants to GO! Anyway, I hope there's a day when I actually take that for granted and get to consider what I really like at a restaurant. (Like no crayons at the table...)
Anyway, my sweet mom, on her birthday, watched Ethan while the rest of us went to anticipatory mass for today (Solemnity of Mary). It was nice to be able to just sit. The kids were pretty good, except for the standard, "I'm tired...", "How many more songs?" (Mary Claire times Mass by the songs left), and the general "Read along with us", "Sing with us", "You've been to church with us over 340 times. How do you NOT know how to sing the Alleluia?" etc. Pretty normal, huh?
Afterwards, we came back and played the Wii with my parents-mom actually scored a 212-no handicap! It was like 5 or 6 strikes! Amazing. Ches was trying to beat her score the night before and threw out his arm. He was so stressed trying to bowl and throw the perfect curve ball! Then we played doubles tennis-my fave! I ended up swatting at the fireplace screen a lot-there's just not room for four of us to be swinging weapons around. We'll have to relocate... This is why people have a game room-for Wii sports!
Ok, must finish. Have to leave for the movies shortly. We're seeing Benjamin Buttons-woohoo! Three hours long! I'll let you know how it was... We bought the collection of short stories it came from on the way to France in October. Ches said that it wasn't that similar to the movie, but have I had time to read it?...It's on my To-Do List...
Ok (I have a few minutes..) I've now scored an 834 on Super Hula Hoop and I've made it to Yoga Master level (four stars) on some of the yoga poses! Go, me! Well, some of them I'm way-shaky on, but still! I've gotten good at the balance games EXcEPt that stupid floaty bubble down the river. I suck at it-I can't get past the Unbalanced level (one star). It makes me SOOO mad! I think I'm the best at the Rhythm Boxing, Super Hula Hoop, and Advanced Step Aerobics. It's awful to be good at something, and then have your Mii look so dejected after you are bad at something. I need encouraging words (which is why the yoga and I get along so well! Calm and positive!)
Must go! Date night!


Gigi said...

Thank you for the 'Happy Birthday' my dear..thank you for everything...the day was totally rewarding from very early morning and until late in the evening and the kiddies are always perfect angels and I love them so much..

Also, I look forward to their visit this weekend to spend the night and in the morning having Clay's favorite five fried eggs, a half-pound of bacon, toast and sometimes he throws in about five waffles for a little something extra..Sissy can eat all these foods as well and they truly take their breakfast menu to a whole new level...and its fun for me as well...

I remember my Mom's breakfasts of broiler made toast with real butter dotted with little eyes, noses and mouths into funny faces, chocolate gravy hot off the stove top and tons of bacon and scrambled eggs.. great memories...every day has memories if we look for them..

Somehow the above reminds of the line from "SHREK".."And in the morning, we're having waffles!"

And as for your commenting about mine and my friends 'preferences' for left out a few..but I choose not to mention them..we are very strong women with opinions..we have paid our dues..and expect the best service in any restaurant...and we tip extremely well..after all we are not on a lunch hour..we are not in a hurry..we are totally enjoying our time together..the love we share through good and bad is a testament to our friendship..

So when are you preparing lunch for us? We promise to keep our preferences to ourselves;o) lololol

The eye makeup, the cutie MC, and your stairway closet are done to perfection!!

Great made me laugh many times...

Holly said...

Yeah, that's my goal-to give someone a laugh about my wild ride of a life. Sometimes I just laugh. I ran my WM cart into my foot today-hilarious, ran over a curb, ran a yellow light... The day's only half done! : )