Thursday, January 1, 2009

$2 to NOT Clean Toilets!

Ok, if you can spend $2 per toilet every 2-3 months, have I got the solution!! I've been blabbing about this for a while, but it works!! I just reloaded on Tuesday! You clean your toilet (we're talking the inside part where the water swishes), then put a Clorox bleach tablet (yes, contains real bleach) into the tank. You -seriously- don't have to swish with a brush for 2-3 months (depending on whether it's your never-used-guest-bath, or your frequently-used-toilet). The bonus: it smells freshly brush-cleaned for that long too! You still have to wipe all other areas and clean under the seat-even thought you never use that side-someone else does... but I do love a fresh smelling toilet-hence the singing this am.

My other really good tip: mirror cleaning! Use a water bottle (think ironing or wetting down your child's hair in the am to calm bedhead) to spritz a LITTLE water on the mirror, then wipe with a clean washcloth, lonely sock, or soft cloth that's been washed with detergent and fabric softener. There are NO streaks, and no Windex buildup. Keep turning the cloth. I use the same washcloth for all the mirrors in my house. I think the key is the fabric softener. You know, it breaks the surface tension on water, and I guess it cuts the streaks and film.
Ok, just one more...My mom found about 80 uses for a Bounce dryer sheet....Put one in each of your tubs in storage or your attic, and bugs run the other way, and your maternity clothes and old teaching stuff smell great five years later! (out of style, but smellin' good!) (but who's stylin' With Child?)


Gigi said...

I must
I must
I must increase my b...
(rhymes with rust)

What a minute? Wrong sentence. I will try to add bleach tabs and see how it goes~~~

Sorry for the late night telly...night night..

Holly said...

It's late-do you mean WAIT a minute?
It's okay-Twilight Zone is always good!