Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Houston, Here we come!

Deciding what to do...
It's 33 here in Dallas, all schools are closed, lots of businesses are closed also. They are closed In ANTIciPaTiON of snow coming this afternoon. They freak out! So we may have to go on to Houston (66 degrees right now!)
They've already all had baths (Ethan-2, total of 3 so far since we got here!), are dressed, had breakfast, playing ball, watching Sesame Street...
We are watching weather, and deciding. Since we are all ready to go (with no where to go right now), we may drive on.

Decision made. We'll drive on to Houston-240 miles. Visit the 5-star Children's Museum, stay till tomorrow, then drive back to Dallas tomorrow (hopefully get our same room again tomorrow night!) and maybe drive home on Thursday or Friday. We'll have to see when the ice will be more melted. We've read that some areas in NWA got 3 inches-of ICE. We know that 3500 Washington County customers have no power, and Benton County hasn't reported yet.

I'll keep you posted!


Staci said...

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Holly said...

thanks!! I'll try one! : )