Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We're Bananas

Ethan's Art-finally finished! : )

There was so much to do today!  The big kids don't have school on Friday, so I went by the school to run copies, got more groceries, finished laundry, and washed and changed sheets, emailed back and forth about our upcoming Husky Hoedown..I'm in charge of tickets for meals, games, etc. and I am only beginning to figure out all it entails!  Ha!  There's so much more than I thought!  I said yes to it, thinking no big deal, but it's more involved...I don't think it's hard, just I need to actually work on it! : ) It'll be fine, and it keeps me busy-and I love the Hoedown-it's always so much country fun (and I get to wear my favorite boots!)  Yee-haw!

So..Ethan got a new teacher, finally, and I *LoVe* her!!  It's one of my friends, and she's wonderful. : )  She'll do a great job, and I don't have to worry about him anymore.  Prayers answered!  Now we can see God's plan-she was homeschooling till this year, and she couldn't see why she was supposed to put them at St. Raphael's, but now I'm sure she knows.  What an amazing performance God orchestrates!

So, on to the food!  This evening we made banana pudding while the boys were out swimming.  A favorite (easy to make/devoured quickly) at our house. : )  Wanna make some?  Here's how:
Basic ingredients (no real recipe):
Big box of banana pudding, or two smalls
Box Nilla wafers (we use low fat)
Milk (2c. for small box, 4 c. for big box or 2 smalls)

Our instructions (and we have pictures!):
Well, this is the Little Chef, wearing one of her favorite aprons that Gigi got in France (I think it was France? or Portugal?)  It says Mary Claire at the top-the lady sewed it right in front of her! : )
I digress..First you lay out Nilla wafers in the bottom of your dish (sometimes we use a circle, sometimes a square, no difference!)  Next, you cut up your bananas in the dish.
I am thinking maybe she does take after me?  She placed her banana slices on top of each wafer-and there were the same number in each row!  I promise, no instruction here!
Then, we make the pudding!  Hint: (well, if you use instant..) Pour in your milk, get the beaters going on low, then slowly pour in your powder mix. It keeps it from leaving big powder chunks on the bottom!  Then pour over the banana/wafers.
Enjoy the beaters..
..and Voila!  Banana pudding!  If you are truly southern, you might like to add Cool Whip to the top or make meringue with beaten egg whites, then bake for 20-25 minutes at 325 degrees.  I prefer it au naturale! : )'s pretty much gone.  After Ches gets a little, it's done.  Yum! :)
ps-I make Mary Claire one of her own: 1/2 cup pudding, Nilla wafer on bottom and top, and three banana slices.  It's 38.75 grams of carbs, and oh-so-worth-it.  If you were wondering. : )


The Mom said...

Darling photographs! MC can make a great dessert! Her apron is Italian. Cutie art for Ethan! He loves his cars. L & H

Holly said...

Thanks! : ) She loves to bake-and dessert is totally her favorite! Ok, Italian-I couldn't remember.
I know-He'll love cars forever. I didn't see it coming. I thought it'd be trains again like Clay!