Monday, September 6, 2010

Labored Today-I don't want a day off!

I worked on Labor Day!  is that bad?  I think I'm just a busybody, maybe it's in my genes. : )  I got up, and took Mary Claire and Ethan to Lowe's in search of flowers to replace my nasty dead, brown ones.  The summer has really taken a toll on my plants (I know, you are supposed to water them, but I get busy!)  Then, we went to Wal-Mart since Lowe's had no pansies (I'm really disappointed about not finding pansies too!).  They didn't have pansies, and Westwood Gardens was closed, so I settled for some ivy, lantana, and smaller mums to fill my dead pots.  They are worlds better now!

Here is my boy, hard at work (showing you his working hands):

Aren't those little bug gloves the bomb? : )

Here is my first pot: Mums, ivy, lantana and Ethan's little mum he planted!

Ethan put his John Deere to good work today carrying my plants, soil, and fertilizer around!

First we potted some mums and red-tipped lettuce (looks yummy, really!):
Then we moved on to bigger things.  We potted a huge urn that I'd let die (see? I give you honesty!).  We crowded it with the same-a boxwood, mums, lantana ('cause there were no pansies of color for sale!), and more ivy:

This is Mary Claire's that she planted (although she helped with all the others too), the color was called Megan (after her American Girl!) and is hot pink, so she loves it:

We were all getting really hot and tired by now.  And it's really hard work hauling around all my stuff!  Here is Ethan cooling his jets:

Next up: Taming the wisteria that has taken over the pergola.  Same bat time, same bat channel:

Can you even tell there's a huge wood structure under all that green chaos?

Ok, I will digress: We had a great dinner at mom's, another yummy cake for me, and so much fun trimming her crepe myrtles (I love big tools!)!  I was up on her ladder, and covered in ants and aphids, and there were bees and wasps swarming!  FUN!  We got it all under control, cleaned up, and went in for more cake.  While in there, Ethan accidentally busted my toe nail.  His shoe jammed the end of my big toe, buckled the nail, and it bust along the middle-ripping it from my nail bed.  It was dripping blood-grossing me out, not to mention sending roaring pain through my body!
We got it under control, dad wrapped it in band-aids to stabilize my nail, and mom got me some ice to numb the pain.  It was crazy!  I'm alive, and Ches is gone to get Epsom salts to soak it and butterfly band-aids to wrap it.  I'm going to live!  What an exciting life I have.  heehee
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The Ware's said...

It must be the boo boo week - I've called Nora a boo boo magnet all week - guess I'll have to add you to the list too! Ouch!! Hope your toe is getting better!!

Holly said...

Oh girl-it is such a boo boo week! I have got to get myself better! (I think I got a bite in my waist area too!) Thanks, put me on the list. : ) Hope Nora is better too! : ) Hugs!!

The Mom said...

Glad your day was good and productive. See a DR if your toe gets infected. Here you were teetering on a ladder trimming crepe myrtle and I am afraid you are going to fall with those huge pruning shears, then you come inside to safety and get a toe bumped bad enough to rip a nail. OUCH!
Plants are very nice as well! L&H

Holly said...

It was good, thanks! : ) My toe is better-it's like it's blood-crusted back on (is that really gross?) heehee I took off the polish just today to see what the situation was-it wasn't as bad as I thought. I've quit wearing the band-aid, redid my nails, and I'm living!(and walking!) : )
Thanks-I love to see LIVE plants growing out my windows!! : )