Thursday, September 2, 2010

Surgery Day

Back in Little Rock.  I’m so nervous!  I have surgery scheduled for today, and I’m waiting to be checked in.  I am hoping against hope that they will give me something for nerves BEFORE the IV!

They don’t have internet Ches can use, so that is frustrating. He wants to keep going but will have to use his little iPad-better than nothing!

We drove super-fast and made it in three hours-I’ve never made it that fast!  Ches pushes the limits.  And drank a hyperactivity drink-I took a picture-I’ll show you later! : )  It was a green (“green apple jolly rancher-tasting”) caffeine powered drink that I thought was hilarious-we so don’t drink those!  He didn’t get much sleep last night, so he said he had to get with it.  And has to show me mountains of sympathy (starting soon, I hope?)!

We stopped back in the TigerTown, and I did a bad thing-wondered their candy aisle again.  I checked on the strange, coated graham crackers-and they are called Banana Planks.  (gross!)  I chose the only thing I (think) I’m allowed: gum.  I got Double Mint-yum! (appetizer), Juicy Fruit (for my entrée), and Berry Smoothie-dessert. At least I got some saliva going-I was DYING of hunger pains!  The pain was radiating through my stomach, and around to my back.  Seriously!  I’m still hurting, but the gum helped.  (Hope I don’t aspirate gummy saliva into my lungs later)

The last time I had surgery (d&c), I kinda fudged the “no eating after midnight the night before”, and had some water the next morning (to stay hydrated so they could find my veins!), but even the nurse commented that I had great veins for someone who hadn’t eaten in 12 hours!  (Cough, cough).  Later, I found out why they don’t want you drinking-it’s so you’ll be *empty* and they won’t have to use a catheter.  Umm..they had to use one on me.  (Sorry?)  (But I had good veins!)

So this time, I plan to pee on no one!  I didn’t drink a drop (but wanted to desperately!), but had lots of gum.  I just hope they don’t have to “try” the IV lots of times (as Angie encouraged this morning!).  If it doesn’t go well, next time, I’ll just request a catheter in advance with a *I’m-sorry-in-advance* look!

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