Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Vision

Yesterday, I helped out at the kids’ school doing hearing and vision screenings. Well, I checked for color-blindness and vision with the cute little chart on the wall.  For the kindergartners, we used shapes (house, square, heart/apple, and circle).  They were the funniest-they’d say triangle, but say it consistently, so then we’d show them a big square, and they’d say triangle!  (At least their vision was okay!)

I was super worried about Ethan yesterday.  His preschool teacher quit last Wednesday.  When we got there last Wednesday afternoon, a little girl told us it was her last day!  What a shock.  Long story, but she has to go somewhere that pays more so she can get a loan to go back to school.  But it causes repercussions that she didn’t consider.  Ethan really liked her, and she’s gone.  His first day back, he had an awful day (after three great days!).  Then Monday, still no teacher.  The helper teacher is super stressed, and so it’s kinda tough in there right now.  She was a little snippy with me about centers yesterday morning, and I really didn’t want to leave him, but I had to be at JB Hunt all day!  So Hard, this mommy gig.

I left him, but my sweet friend was subbing for someone else, so she hung out in there and called to let me know he was fine, in the sand box, and would soon have lunch and nap, so I relaxed a little.  I knew I’d be headed to Little Rock on Tuesday by then, and was sad I wasn’t going to get the day with him.  He’s my baby!

It's just tough, all the balancing.  I'll get the hang of it about the time they go to college!  I think that's how it works: you get it all figured out, and they are on to the next phase. : )  
We had our church's big fundraiser: and international dinner and silent auction on Saturday night.  We had so much fun (I think because we sat at the fun table!)!  It was great.  It might have been because I had a couple drinks too-I never drink, but Ches was with me, and the walk was finally put to rest-I had to loosen up!  We laughed about people being silly, sillier things, and I rounded up about 12 people to help feed the priests on Wednesday nights!  So, you could say I did a lot of talking too! : )  (I know, big S-H-O-C-K!) heehee

Anyway, we bought another set of braces.  I do love our orthodontist (in a straight tooth-kind-of way!) and his wife Amy, so I was happy to add one more child to his roster.  Clay has another loose tooth and lost one last week.  He's getting ready to have big boy teeth, and they look just perfect now, but where will they all go?  If he doesn't need them quite yet (doubtful), I'll get them again.  They've crookeded up (ha!), so I can always have them.  Can you imagine having braces with your mom?  That'd be funny! (but don't laugh if I get them again!)

Then we left and went to the late movie.  We have a list that we'd love to see, so we fit them in when we can!  It was The Town, which was good, but a little hard to watch the gun-fighting (well, the bullets!), but pretty good at the end.  I like a good story, and I'm not too picky.  We are going to see You Again this Friday-it looks hilarious!

And today, was our trip to Little Rock to see our specialist again.  It was a great visit, I appreciate prayers for us!  The cyst they've seen on my left ovary for the past two months is GONE!  Yay!  We are moving forward, and we'll see what happens this month.  It's quite a journey, but when we see a baby we'll be able to tell them that we wanted them before we knew them, prayed for them before we saw them, they were in our hearts before our home.  Blessed be God, and His plans for us.

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