Saturday, September 4, 2010

Birthday Cleaning

You say it's your birthday, na-na-na-na-na-na-it's my birthday too!  Ahh..a little Beatles, and some 16 Candles memories! : )  That was just the best movie.  John Hughes really had a grip on our childhood! was good. Generic word for I'm a day older!  I was awakened early by very loud shooting/fireworks/dump trucks/nail gun..and much to my amazement-learned it was the first day of Dove Season!  (I didn't even know there was a dove season-but we do live in Arkansas, ya'll!)  I mean, what exactly do you do with them?  It was over by 8:30-but forget going back to bed then.  We had quite a tickle-fest this morning-I wasn't ready to get up-I was playing on Facebook (but learned about dove season, so it was totally educational!). Anyway, I was tickling Ethan, and his laugh is really contagious!  He's so cute.  He told me to "scoop over!" when we were all in the bed, then he told me not to tickle his bones! (where that is, I don't know-I couldn't quit laughing!)

Mary Claire had spent the night (second full night away!) (do you ever quit counting?) with her sweet friend, Natalie Grace, the night before, and I hadn't heard from her by nine.  So-I called them!  They were at Applebee's having pancakes-yum! I was so surprised-who's up that early-and out!?  Not me.  heehee  So, she came home shortly afterward, and brought Natalie back with her-they played so well all day!  So, anyway, after I talked to her on the phone, we had breakfast.  And then, Ches reminded me I had taken my friend's chapel hour-and I was LaTe! I changed out of my jammies and hurried to church!  I stayed over a while since I'd been late, and it was so peaceful.  I think they were having a large group of children being baptized-I could hear it was in Spanish, and there were lots of camera flashes going off.  I wish I could have seen from the chapel-how exciting-I love baptisms, especially babies. : )

So, then when I got home, having started my day with no shower (messy hair, no makeup, etc.), I guess I decided to keep it going!  I got home and announced my idea: to clean the garage!  Ches did not hide his UN-like of my idea (dislike?  unhappiness?  frustration?).  He isn't feeling too great, so he just wanted to do nothing-which is pretty close to what he did.  He slept till 10:40, then half-heartedly helped me for a little bit, then took a nap till about 3:30.  He woke up, ate, and sat in a chair to tell me which of his things I could trash (and he got all mad that I'd thrown away some vacuum pipe all duct-taped that looked like a big fat cast-he even dug through all my trash bags till he found it!).  So, I finished around five, then took a shower, bathed the kids, and we went out to eat.

I picked B&B BBQ, an old dive in south Fayetteville where we never get to go (but, it was my birthday!), but it got veto'd.  Ches has a hang-up about going to Fayetteville on game night.  Party Pooper!  So, we went north to Mimi's Cafe-which we hadn't been to since Ethan was a baby!  The kids loved it, and want to go back.  They got the little dirt/worm cups for dessert, and Clay had ordered chocolate chip pancakes (Mimi Mouse pancakes!), and Mary Claire and Ethan got the sliders-cute little hamburgers.  They all traded food (fruit, french fries, "trees":broccoli, pancakes), and did pretty well, considering that we'd worked all day-and it was 8:40 by the time we left!

Then, Ches took us to Krispy Kreme to get some donuts HoT NoW!  (I just love to see that red light on!!) They weren't so generous with their hot ones, but Mary Claire, Ethan, and I got one.  Then, we ordered some for breakfast tomorrow (since we were StUfFeD!), and Ethan chowed down!

Yes, apparently I missed the fact that Mary Claire is standing on a bar stool! (check out the silver sandals I got her at Piperlime!), and Clay seems to be headed out the door (he didn't want a donut-he was full from all his sugar at Mimi's Cafe)! (And HOW do you say no to a hot donut??)

Now I'm in bed, soooo tired from today-I am going to read a little from the book I'm speeding through-Nanny Returns-and say goodbye to this birthday.  It's been pretty good, my cake is almost gone (someone licked all the frosting off the top this morning, so it's no longer calling my name..), and I've had a day of family.  I think I worked off the calories from last night's cake, so I'm breaking even! : )

I'm excited for the year to come-I've had the most awful year probably ever, so I don't think it could get worse.  That means, good times ahead! : )

Oh, and the cards I got!  I won't bore you with pictures, but sweet, sweet cards-and music "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" which I love!

Here's my present from Clay, who shared his newest boy scout skill: carving!

He carved up some soap, and tomorrow I'll show you all the remains on the deck-it should be smelling Irish Spring-ish for the next few rains!

Thank you, God, for the opportunity to live in this world, to know Your people, and to feel Your love.  What a blessing.  Thank you for drawing me near to You-and blessing me with a great family! :o)

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