Monday, September 27, 2010

Field Trip Day aka Shopping

More crafts!  Actually, I cleaned the kids' bathrooms today, and decided they needed some updating! : )  I really cleaned (not just the sink-heehee).  I trashed their rugs, scrubbed the floors (and behind the toilet, baseboards-etc.), then started over.  I almost painted, but that'd have been a week-long project!

I made a list, got some stuff done at the school, then went shopping.  I got the kids new rugs, some towels, then went to Hobby Lobby.  I got four canvases, some 3D stickers, and some big letters.  By the time the kids came home, we were ready to start.

Here's our mess (I always paint in my bathroom floor-hmm..I guess it's out-of-the-way, and easy-to-clean):

Clay really wanted to paint a canvas himself, so I let him.  I had plans for two for his bathroom, but I can't say no.  He wanted to paint the Titanic (?), so he started right in.  I tried to persuade him to use his room colors: tan, blue, navy, green, chocolate, etc. (he argued that the Titanic was black and white.  Hmm.)  He's doing well, but didn't get it finished-he had baseball practice!
Here's the one I did for him: 
I started with a 12x12 canvas, painted the edges brown, then Mod-Podged the harlequin-patterned paper over the front.  Then I painted the edges some more, smeared the Mod Podge, and sealed down the bubbles.  Can you see the "C" shape under the polka-dot paper?  I stuck it to the C, let it dry, then cut and sanded the edges.  I like it kinda rough-not perfect.  Then I stuck on all my 3D embellishments:

 This is Ethan's: he painted it for me, and I'll have to finish it tomorrow!
Next was Mary Claire's canvas.  I had a great plan to print pictures, and scrapbook a canvas for her, but she was impatient.  I didn't even have 3D stickers for her!  Here's the beginning:

I painted the background hot pink, and she painted the M.  Then we sat and cut out phrases and letters from magazines.  I Mod Podged some scrapbook paper strips (that I tore) on and then added the words.  Next, were the stickers, then a bow on the M, and stuck it on with pop-up stickers. : )  It's not dry, but you get the idea:

So...since I busied myself on the kids' bedrooms/bathrooms/beds, I didn't get anything else done.  No groceries, no cleaning downstairs, no laundry.  Yes, my house suffers-but not my creative side! : )  Guess there's always a trade-off.  Tomorrow, pictures to print..and some LaUnDrY! : )

Mary Claire got up this morning, High (248) and had a loose site.  I changed her site, even though she had a field trip today.  I set her at 85% for the day, and prayed for the best.  I don't try to go on all the field trips anymore.  I don't think they really want me to go-there's no request, and for the plays, it's kinda inconvenient for them to request extra tickets.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they'd let me, but I think they do fine.  In the younger grades, they'd offer for us to go, but anymore..well, the kids are just older.
Anyway, she called at 9:40 (right on time!), and she was only 81.  I had her eat two peanut butter crackers that I'd sent, and she was fine.  At lunch, she was 89, so at least we averted disaster (and avoided a Low!).
This afternoon, I ran by Colliers to get her new insulin pens.  The new prescription is only for 40 units a day instead of 60 (I fill her pump's reservoir with 180 units every three days), so they only gave me one box of insulin pens (5), and I got worried.  That wouldn't get us through the month, so I had to call Children's Hospital.  It's tough-Dr. Lee moved to Louisiana, and we are switching to Dr. Maass in technically, we are between doctors.  They helped me, since I saw them last, but scary!  I thought I had all my ducks in a row, but AAhhhhh!!!  The nurse said she'd call Colliers, but I'll have to check on it again tomorrow (and hopefully get my other box of pens!).
Oh, and it was Monday Folder night!  It freaks us out-so much paper work, so many checks to money for both kids, book order, lunch, etc.  I can see another reason for home schooling! : )

I just realized I didn't blog yesterday!  It wasn't exactly a day of rest.  Mary Claire had had a friend spend the night, and she had to leave for church a teeny bit earlier than the kids, so we had breakfast early, then got the kids ready for PRE.  Then I got a shower, and we went to church.  We ate lunch out, then went by Mom's to return the tent from last weekend, and home.  I quickly changed Mary Claire's brownie troop numbers on her vest (to her new troop number!), and I took her to Brownies in Fayetteville.  I ran to the mall, found some cute fall clothes for the kids (since it turned cool here overnight!), then back to get her.  She had BSI with a friend, so I took her to their church, then Ches and I had a date (: ) !), so we made it back home, and left.  We had dinner out (and saw Sandra-it was her birthday!), then went to see You Again (3.5 out of 5).  Fun, long day, and apparently I didn't even think about writing my craziness down! : )  Sometimes I am just too busy living in the moment.  And that's a Good Thing. : )


The Mom said...

Creative, cute and delightful!

Kendra said...

Those are ADORABLE!! Love, love, love them!!

The Ware's said...

What fun! Those are great! Right now I'm at the point I feel like I'll never have time for "creative".. whew! Rose only napped once today and Nora gave me a run for my money.. bedtime soon!

Holly said...

Oh my goodness-you guys make me feel loved, thank you, thank you!! : )
They were fun-I wish I'd gotten Ethan's done..but I'm still working on it! : ) I had Laundry and Groceries calling my name today, so Creative had to sit on the back burner! : ) heehee

Sandra-everything you do is creative! Let me know what I can do to help : )

The Ware's said...

HA - not feeling the juices flowing lately - it's more survival mode at this point. Thanks though - I'm actually heading to NY Friday...

Holly said...

Seriously?? I think all your cards, pictures, stamping, blog, etc. all showcase your creativity!
: ) Ok, so I do GET that you are busy. Maybe it'll pick up more when Rose is sleeping better, and less sick! : )
I totally have those dry spells. I think I'm trying to keep my mind somewhere else lately, so I'm staying busy. More of a Need-to than anything! I did see you were going to be gone. I'm so sorry. Are you flying and are you taking the girls? and is Morgan going? Is there anything I can do? I am still planning to make it on the 9th-I rsvp'd on FB. Let me know if you need help getting ready. I have a good dip -thing. It's a pepper jelly you put with cream cheese I think. It's from Harry & David, and I haven't used it! (just from early Sept.) I tried it-it's pineapple something. I have a totally awesome memory, obviously. : )
Hugs girl!!