Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sugar Makes Me Crafty

GrEaT photo shoot, thanks, Jeremy Cavness!

Here is the picture from the photo shoot:
At some point, they'll get the quote added and send them to be printed (this is where I want to get in on it!)
Then, we did something even BETTER!  We walked down to the corner, and enjoyed a small reward for our good deed (well, you know).  We each had a specialty cupcake at Kupcakes and More on the Bentonville Square!
 They were absolutely scrumptious.  I had Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mary Claire had Red Velvet (with cream cheese frosting), and Ethan had a chocolate Army Man (from Toy Story) cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting.  All delish.  And then we got to sit at one of the tiny, child-size tables.  It reminded me of when I was little, and my brother and I would go to our friends' house-they had this tiny table set in the kitchen, and I loved to eat in there!  So, I sat on a teensy chair, and we had a cupcake party-fun! 
(I only wish Clay had been with us.  I missed him so much today!  He's staying with Gigi.  I called him when we left the cupcake place, but he's still having fun, and not wanting to come home yet.  Grandmas are always better than home.  He says I'm no fun-I make him clean his room, make his bed, and get dressed-I'm so mean!).
So, then we went back home, got our library books, and went to the library.  We read books and checked out new ones.  I helped Mary Claire this time-she got too many non-fiction last time!
Then we picked up Ches for lunch and went out to US Pizza in Fayetteville-so good!  I must be having a great day-cupcakes and pizza, in one day!  We were all tired after that, but the day must go on.  We headed home for a little bit, then made our way back to Mary Claire's orthodontist appointment.  Just a check-up, so it was pretty fast.  She doesn't go back until August, but we are supposed to do ten more turns on her palate expander.  She wasn't worried-she wanted me to do two tonight-Ha.  Strange girl.  She used to hate it!

Then, our relaxing included some crafts...
I have a prayer partner (a Bible study friend I'm secretly praying for-we drew for names), and I wanted to keep track of all the times I'm thinking of and praying for her.  I resurrected an old idea-paper bag scrapbooks!  I made these for each of the kids in Clay's first grade class, but as I discovered today..that was before I was blogging.  So!  I took a couple pictures so you could make them too.  Super Easy.
You use two or three plain paper bags (you can use white too, if you have them), some ribbon, a hole punch..
Stack the paper bags end to end, with the bottoms at opposite ends.  Make a cardstock cover that is the same size as your bags.  Hole punch through the cover PLUS the bags in the center fold.  Run about 14" of ribbon through the holes, and tie on the outside.  Now, you can get creative, or keep it simple.  I add little matching ribbons tied on the spine ribbon, knotted-add as many as you like.  I usually add at least three or four.  Then, when you close the "scrapbook", you'll have openings in the bags on the right side.  I make tabbed pull-outs to journal or put pictures on.  Cut a piece of cardstock to fit inside the "pocket" (end of a bag), and put a stapled tab on it.  (I have a nifty little punch from Stampin' Up, that I LOVE!), then punch holes (I used this punch), and tie a ribbon through the front and back, to hold all that fun inside!

Here are a couple I made (I had to make Mary Claire one as a bribe for her to go get an old one upstairs-so I could remember!).  You can see the tabs on the pull-outs in the above picture.

I had to cover my prayer partner's name, since it's supposed to be a surprise!
Ok, so it wasn't quite dinner (and I was still sugared up?), and Ethan was still begging for his own backpack (see yesterday!).  I was resisting, since they were a little girly, but I made him one.  He was so happy to see it stitching his name-he is just precious.  I didn't do all the process pictures, but took one of the end product!  His name is in green (his choice) on the tractor fabric, so it's hard to see.  He wanted me to combine fabrics, so here they are:
Then we had dinner, swam, and I researched *wait for it*...going back to school.  I have some time this fall, so I looked into finishing my masters degree.  Except, I have 18 hours in one subject, and am thinking I would switch majors/areas.  Umm..only three hours would transfer, and it's a Maybe/Probably.  So, it'd be at least two years.  But..what else am I doing?  (besides making backpacks and scrapbooks...)


The Mom said...

Cute cute cute~~ So very cute indeed~~

Clay loves you very much and is just hanging out and having fun. He didn't say all those things about making his bed, getting dressed or cleaning his room and he certainly doesn't think you are mean. He just wants to do something different for a bit. Sissy loves to come over as well, and just do nothing, or something, however the mood strikes her.

Your home is busy, and over here, the pace is so slow... and quiet... and they just want to talk and read and rhyme and dance or sit outside and watch BART walk around the lawn...and I just leave them to it...


Holly said...

thank you! : )
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was you that told me why he likes it better at your house! : )
Glad they can enjoy your pace too, they like to come visit you-Clay is more the stay-home person, so he's perfect for staying so long! I think my other two like to go-go like me! Although they'd love to come stay with you too. Ethan wants to come..he'll be old enough one day! : )