Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Broken Glass

A life is a series of one lifetime lived after another, a day at a time.  Whew.
Another great VBS today-and Mary Claire has remembered her Bible verses every day!  Yay!  I just asked her the one for tomorrow-and she already knows it: I will study His teachings, and follow in His footprints.  I looked it up, and don't know where it's from.  Now I really want to know!  It's on her little bracelet, so I'll tell you tomorrow.  : )
I had a really rough day.  I think it was my 9th day without Lexapro or something.  I cried and was pathetic, and I just couldn't deal with it.  It's like having a child that keeps whining about one thing, and you just want to tell them to move the whining to their room for a while.  I wanted to put it back in the closet for a while.  And it worked.  I took one right before I picked up the kids, and it took a couple hours, but...better.  Less crying is always good.  Maybe I'm not ready yet to get off?  I mean, is there ever a right time?
Ethan and I went to pick up the kids then met Ches for lunch, then I took them all to the Fayetteville library-leaps and bounds ahead of Springdale's!  They have a good section of parenting books, and I got one on Left-Handed kids.  I haven't read it yet, but it talks about when it develops, and why (in utero).
Then, we got stopped in traffic for twenty minutes on the way home- i think it was construction or something.  We saw lots of trucks picking up the cones and signs telling us to merge left.  ??  I'm just glad we got out of it halfway home-it could have been worse! 

Then, I got out of the van and dropped my phone.  It certainly changed the course of my day.  I went in, and started making calls and checking online for service.  I found out that you only have 90 days of coverage.  Even if you have the AppleCare plan (extended insurance), it still doesn't cover accidental or intentional glass breakage.  AT&T didn't used to have insurance available for the iPhone, but they don now-for $13.99 a month!  I didn't have that option when I got mine last September.  So.. onto the next options.  I could get a refurbished phone for $249, get a new 3GS 16gig for $349 or a 3GS 32Gig for $399.  Umm-no thanks!  So I explored other options.  My phone was still working great-it was just my glass!  If I'd thought it would make it, I would have let it go a few days, but already when I wiped my finger across it, it was losing chunks!  Dangerous.
I found a guy locally (Paul) on that would change out the glass for $50.  It totally seemed worth a gamble to get it fixed for only $50.  Since my next best option was $250!
I got totally nervous.  I had Ches and the kids go with me, just in case.  My plan was to have Ches go with me to the door (an apartment complex), to be safe.  Then I thought-what if they kidnap us both and the kids are out waiting in the car?  I called my mom and gave her the guy's address-so she could give it to the police in the event of our kidnapping.  She ended up staying on the phone with me while I gave the man my phone (minus the sim card!).  I only had $49, so we ran to Wal-Mart to get Zyrtec and more cash!
By the time we got back, he was done!  It was so fast, and it looked good!  I have to say I was so happy! : )  It was perfect.  I put my sim card back in, and it worked great.  It totally turned my day around to have if fixed!  Ahh..a bad thing made me stop and think, and appreciate the good.  I'm pretty sure that's why He allows the bad to happen.
I'm thankful for honest people who can perform much-needed services.  I'm thankful for warm little-kid hugs.  I'm thankful for not getting kidnapped.  I'm thankful Ches changed his plans to go with me.  What a life! : )

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