Saturday, June 26, 2010

Matching Swimsuits

What a great day!  We had company-my friend, Angie and her daughter Andalynn came down, and we had a fun girls' day.  We had a church fundraiser dinner at Carrabas, and we'd already bought tickets last week, so we all went!  It was good, but we just got water to drink.  I could have gone for some soda or tea, but the entree was good, and we got a chocolate dessert! : )  Here are the girls:
Aren't they cute?  So sweet.  They enjoyed the bread and dessert! : )
Then we made our way to Hobby Lobby to get more crafty stuff: ribbon, flip flops, stretch magic for them to make bead bracelets, etc.  We got all sorts of ideas!  I just love that place.  Then we came home, got changed into swimsuits (they were matching!), and spent the afternoon swimming:
We lazed around, layed out, and got some sun.  What a great afternoon.  And then, when we got ready for dinner, the girls finally got to work on their bracelets:
Aren't they serious?  They are so careful!  I just love to see them so immersed-they played so hard all afternoon, and then to have the energy to concentrate so hard on those tiny beads!  Bless their hearts.
I hope you had a great day-did you make rainbow bracelets?

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