Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things Under the Bed

Sky-blue pink is our word for that amazing, unusual color that we sometimes get to see at sunset-you know, that beautiful color right after the sun drops down and you see the sky meet the pinkish haze?  Well, tonight we got another gift: an orange-y blue.  It was a great sunny day, but it gave way to surprise showers/thunderstorm this evening, and then we had an awesome sunset: that orangey color!  I tried to get a picture of it, as it was quickly disappearing, but it was proving impossible.  This is the nearest one I could get, but I can only say it still doesn't do the live show justice.  You just had to see it.
And then, guess what I found under my bed!  It is starting to be a nightly thing, but I forgot he was down there, and he's just so darn cute.
Hard to see, isn't it?  Here's a closer shot of my stowaway!
Normally, he's down near the bottom with his feet hanging out, and after he falls asleep, we can just pull him out.  Well.  Not so easy tonight!  I had to totally pull his arm and then pull his body out.  It didn't go so well.  He cried, and it was sad.  I finally got him upstairs and into bed, and then he was asleep and silent!  Bless his little heart.  I just love him too much to tell him to go to bed when he sneaks in there! : )
Ok, here's him from the front-sound asleep.
So, while he's sleeping away, I was sewing. (Yes, in the same room!)  I monogrammed some fabric,
cut out all my pieces, and made Mary Claire a pump pouch (for her insulin pump!).
I bought this fabric the other day, and I'm planning to make a dress that matches it.  I just made the pump pouch first!  I like the fabric even more the more I work with it. : )
I'm sewing again tomorrow with a friend!  She's bringing her serger to play with.  I bought some turquoise polka-dotted seersucker to make some little ruffle capris.  I'll take some pictures!  I also got some 2" ribbon to make matching hairbows, and I have a shirt for her to wear with them, and I'll make a sash to go on the shirt.  It's a shirt I got from Kelly's Kids this spring, but I ordered the next size for her to wear next year!  It's perfect-no iron, and you can add any sash to make it match your pants.  They are on sale 30% off right now-check them out! (if you can't find your daughter's size on the link, you can choose one from another line like the lemonade line, and just take out the sash it comes with.  MC already has this one, and this sash, but I wanted the next size in the shirt!)

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