Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Will she USE the backpack?

Bible Study today was great: like a big reunion!  We all hadn't seen each other in a while-well, maybe at church, but it was good to see everyone.  We had a couple girls that hadn't done b.s. with us before, but I'm glad they came!  I was proud of myself: no crying.  I just didn't go there.  Did I not share enough or was it that today was a medicine day?

I started a special project last night: a "string backpack" (I think the real ones are nylon with satin rope/trim).  I worked all day yesterday to get the font onto my computer, so I could digitize Mary Claire's name to put on it.  I don't know how it takes me so long.  It takes 30 times longer to digitize a font, design a name, and save it to a memory stick (for the sewing machine) than it does to sew the name!
So, I started with these:
I couldn't decide which flip flop fabric to use, but Mary Claire wanted the pink!
So I cut four rectangles (figured what size I wanted the backpack, added in seam allowances and the top gather for the ribbon), and then worked on the monogramming.
I'm the super-slow one, the machine is fast.  So, then I sewed the front/back of the back pack together, and sewed the lining together, then sewed the inside to the outside.  Confusing?
Ok, so then, I put button holes in the bottom to hold the ribbon, and the top for the ribbon to gather it.

Then, I ran the ribbon through the top, and left long pieces on each end to tie to the backpack.  Mary Claire was at mom's, but Ches went to get her (how I had time to finish up!).  I waited to tie off the ends after I tried it on her!

I thought it turned out pretty well!  She liked it, so yay.  Except now she doesn't want to go to camp tomorrow.  Boo..  We have a JDRF photo shoot tomorrow on the Bentonville Square at 9:40-right in the middle of camp.  It was supposed to be at night, but it got moved to day.  I would send her to camp, but I think the pictures will turn out really well.  We got a sample from the Tulsa JDRF office, and they are nice.  They make me cry, but nice.  I'm going to try to get a copy from the print shop.  I might get the price they are giving to JDRF, woohoo!  Let's see if I can find a sample..
It says, "I wish they would find a cure so I don't have to prick my fingers anymore."  I'm guessing Mary Claire will get decide what hers says.  The photographer is sending the pics to a printshop-so I think that's who will do the writing.  I'll show it to you when it's done!
Anyway, that's why Mary Claire is missing girl scout camp.  Again.  She said she'd go on Thursday and Friday, so I'm hoping she even gets to use the backpack!
All right, all's quiet here, so I'm taking my cue.  Hope you have a great day tomorrow!  I'll try to snap some pix at the photo shoot.  Ethan will want in on the action, so I may not get to be the one taking pictures...

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