Monday, June 14, 2010

Does more shopping = Less eating?

I should try to write earlier-I feel like I'm always saying how tired I am!  (since I wait till last thing at night..)
I cleaned Mary Claire's closet this morning, threw away at least 20 pairs of shoes, and packed up about 20 pairs and some clothes to give away.  No, I am serious.  She still has tons of shoes left-I just like to buy her stuff.  Totally my problem. (I'm starting to think that when I'm shopping for her..I eat less.  I'm eating lots now, and not shopping for her.  =  It pays for me to shop more for her.)
We played around, swam all afternoon (well, Ethan and Mary Claire fell asleep outside on loungers-and we shaded them!), grilled dinner (more potatoes and corn I told you about and pork chops-yum!), and then I headed out to the grocery store.  I was there for two and a half hours!  I didn't realize what time it was, or that the sun was down.  So, time warps in Sam's and Wal-Mart!  What is it with me?  I had to back-track around the store since my (premade) list is out of order now-they moved the store around!  (well..about a year ago, but I've yet to reorder my list!)  So, I end up wandering around-I might as well be list-less.
  But..then I'd pick up lots of junk.  If I make the list before I leave the house, after I've eaten, I do better.
Do you have trouble finding ladyfingers when you want to make your favorite dessert: tiramisu?  I get so mad.  I've looked all over, repeatedly, and only found them ONE time at Sam's-years ago!  What's up with that?  I looked up substitutions, and found you can use angelfood cake, Nilla Wafers (but someone else said not to), and Twinkies.  Aren't Twinkies good enough on their own?  Who needs to coat them in chocolate, coffee, and cream cheese? (since you can't get marscapone at Wal-Mart either!)
Ches forgot to brush Mary Claire's teeth and turn the key to her palate expander (to stretch/widen her the roof of her mouth) wake her up or not to wake her..that is the question.
ps-My answer is no.
pps-if you get lucky, I might post a picture of me turning the teensy key in the roof of her mouth!  But not tonight.

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