Thursday, June 24, 2010

Musical Painting

I'm trying something new: posting a short video to this post. It's taking me a while..I think I have it edited (in iMovie)-you know, all the parts where I'm telling Ethan not to play with the blinds..
They painted birdhouses today, and it was so peaceful-then in the quiet, Mary Claire was singing and humming so beautifully!  I got my camera as quickly as I could, and tried to video her.  Did the beautiful painting make her sing, does she just do it as she works, or did the singing help her painting?  Notice, she even continues humming, never even taking notice of Ethan "licking" at her paint!  Ok, so it's not working so well..I figured out how to add it above!  Here is the link to the video on youtube anyway. : )
Here are the kids painting:
And I'm still debating on the school thing.  If I register for fall, I have to get on it really fast.  The one thing I was thinking about registering for has a deadline of the second week in I'd have to call and request a late admission already.  I'm still thinking.
Here are the birdhouses outside, right after a light summer rain.
We saw the two most beautiful yellow finches outside this window a couple days ago-they looked like they could have been caged just moments before-too beautiful to be just flying around!  They both landed-together-on a shepherd's hook right outside the window.  We wanted them to come back, so we bought birdhouses.  We'll buy feed, but where do we put it exactly?  So the big mean birds don't get it all?  And so the wild cats that come and go through our fence don't get the birds?

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The Mom said...

Precious~ I can even recognize what she is humming. Give her a big hug and tell her how beautiful her bird house pretty!

Clay wants to show his train station he built. I will send via text.