Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bless You, Daddy

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in our lives!
They kiss their sweeties' booboos, say their prayers, carry little ones on their shoulders (or drag them on their feet), dance to the music (when no one is watching!), take their kiddos to the movies, and get them popcorn and drinks, and then take them to the bathroom..they earn a living so we can buy food, housing, and clothing, then they take us shopping, unload the dishwasher..what would we do without them?
We appreciate you!
I heard a good program on Oprah's XM station (channel 156), it was the Derrick Ashong Experience.  He had a father's day show, and he was talking about how strong fathers help out at home and let moms take breaks so they can be better moms when they are with their kids.  It's the absolute truth.  Moms want to be with their kids, but sometimes they need little breaks, so they miss their kids and want to be close to them again!  Sometimes the best thing a father can do is take their kids out for ice cream or just to the park.  It helps them bond, and helps mom catch her breath (or catch up on laundry!).
I sure appreciate my baby-daddy!  He is great at taking the kids out, taking care of the house, and loving me and giving me time.  It makes me a better mom, and that makes us all better!   Happy Father's Day, Honey!  We love you!
I can't forget my own dad too, who hasn't aged since I was little despite the fact that we celebrate a birthday for him each year!
This is us last summer making shutters for Dolly's House (trying to help her get her house sold!)-it's a better picture, but I don't have a better copy!
This is us a couple weeks ago, but I don't have a good one of both of it's Father's Day, it can be a good one of him.  (Love the Jimmy Buffett T!)  I think he was making me laugh anyway-he can do that.

Thanks, Dad, for all the life lessons, my love of great music (like the Eagles), and teaching me how to wash my car and use Armor-All!  I still love to wash my car (well..I use the drive thru now..)!  So-Happy Father's Day, Dad!


The Ware's said...

Very sweet.. hope you guys had a great day!

Holly said...

We did, thanks! We went to Missouri, Ches' brother is in town. It was a long day, but we made it home! Mary Claire lost her site and we spent the evening in search of syringes! Ahh!! It's always something : )