Monday, March 2, 2009

Off to Baby Bookworms!

Ethan is so excited! We are going back to the library for the great baby class-toddler/up to 2 yrs. We are hanging around till he turns 3! It's fantastic! I told the kids about the amazing library, and they want to go! I told them I'd take them, but it's been so busy. I'm thinking one day after school would be good.

Tonight is Mary Claire's musical/play at school. So, tonight would not be a good night to go to the library.

Ok, found my Clorox wipes-I think they got pulled out again. There were about 50 all restuffed back into the canister. And it makes them not so wet anymore. I wasted about 15 cleaning the bathroom-even the floor and lamp. I do hate restuffed wipies. Unequally wet. Even Ethan's wipe box had one hanging out over the latch this morning, and of course it's dry as a bone. What kinda poop will that clean? None, that's what kind. Just throw it away, cause it's useless now. Although, I will say, if you rewet them, they do still work. But when you are wagging dirty bottom in front of you, the last thing you have time to do, is run to the bathroom to rewet a wipe. Goodbye, dry wipe!

Must get self 'round! Library's calling! : )


Gigi said...

Such pretty seat cushions!! Wowza.

Also, the wreath is very nice indeedy.

Holly said...

thank you, thank you! : ) I had fun making them!