Monday, March 9, 2009

I think I heard two hours of Baby Einstein. In the van. Today.

Today we went to Baby Bookworms again-I was almost late, but it started late, so we did okay! Ethan was a little crabby since I got him up in the DARK! The kids all had trouble getting started today! Ethan had fun, but he's been better. Then we grabbed lunch at Chick-Fil-A, and played at Nora's house. They are funny at this age-they still parallel play instead of together! Sometimes they bump into each other and want the same thing, but mostly just play independently. Which can be good too!
Bad thing: Ethan broke their St. Patrick's Day snow globe. I felt horrible! Not only did he break it (sadness), he spilled all the liquid (water?) all over the coffee table, AND it was filled with glitter! and the glass was in tiny shards on the table! And the glitter liquid went on the floor too! Ahhhhh!!! I have to replace it! Where do I find a snow globe, in a timely fashion (BEFORE St. Patrick's Day!!)? Hazards of children on the loose. I don't know if he crashed it, or just turned it over, or was shaking it, then slammed it. Poor leprechaun. Lost his world today. : (

Then, home for his nap! He was tired! I started to work on Mary Claire's wreath, but got sidetracked booking the kids for a workshop at the library the week of spring break-which is not for TWO weeks! I thought it was next week-WROnG! Ches is home, but not the kids. Then vice-versa the next week. Thrilling. I have to check on Ethan's MDO schedule. Anyway, I'd come in here to get paint to makeover the big letters I got to go on her wreath for her bedroom door, but never made it back to paint them. Maybe I have ADD. I don't know if I want to take medicine for it though. I get so much done. Otherwise, I might be working slowly on the letters-and I wouldn't have sent out three emails, made one phone call, blogged, scheduled mom to watch Ethan for MC's Famous American presentation on Friday, etc. So I got a lot done on my side trip! : )

After school I took the kids back to the library-Mary Claire has asked me EVERY day for the past two weeks. So, today seemed as good as any. It actually went really well. Clay got some dino book and two chapter books (one he's really into-I found it-My Father's Dragon. It's a big book, but has some lithograph pix inside-I think it's a an award winner-old.). Mary Claire got tons: videos, a Junie B. Jones (that I found her almost finished with at 9pm!!!), a Milton Hershey biography (that she kept asking for), and some more fiction/kids books. Ethan only wanted to play puzzles with dump trucks and backhoes on them. This Wagon Wheel expansion will scar all of us I guess.

Then we picked up Ches (at UA), went by Sonic, and took him back to work. Then home for jammies, snack, stories, bath, and bed. They are sneaky readers, and I pretend to get mad. I love it that they stay up to read! But if I told them that, they'd probably not be so into it. They think they are getting away with something! Hilarious. Sometimes Clay goes into his closet, so I can't see the light! Kids-precious.

Ches is home early, not feeling good. Ethan's sickness may have migrated. Ick.

Okay, have I mentioned that I've been cleaning out my closet for the past few days? It looks sooo much better! Spring cleaning! : ) I even dusted the shelves off. I think we've never lived in a house this long, so we usually have moved by now. I clean between houses, and then you get a fresh start. So, I'm having to do the 3 1/2 year deep clean/paint. It's so fresh (although you see lots more of the paint-too white for me), and makes my brain feel clean. Now I should work my way back to Ches' section. We'll see how long I can go before I tire out. I cleaned his clothes pretty well back in the fall. It's all those picture tubs and Madeline dolls I got when they stopped selling them. I thought Mary Claire would just LOVE them (like I do), but it never stuck. Now she's lost all Madeline's clothes, and I have all her friends, Genevieve (her dog), Miss Clavel, they are so cute! Anyway, I must clean the closet of stuff. But Madeline's friends can stay-I just have to dust them.

Must go to bed, as I've been sidetracked again. And I think Ches beat me to bed. Second time ever?


Anonymous said...

So sad about the snow globe. I know it is not really my place, but my apologies to Sandra. I will search online for another one. Sandra, where did you originally purchase it (and please don't let it be Ireland)?.

What a busy mom you are indeed!!


Anonymous said...

~~Thank you very much~~

A nice twenty dollars for the evening.


Happy Hair day tomorrow.