Sunday, March 29, 2009

Carousel, Cookies, and Swimming-Quite a Vacation!

Today we fit in a movie: Aliens vs. Monsters! It was good, but gave me a headache. It was so loud! We sat about the third row from the back, but maybe we were closer to the speakers? Anyway, Ethan did very well for the first hour or so. He didn’t even know that we had popcorn! He just sat so still in my lap. I was just sure he was going to fall asleep on me-we even took his blanket (kiki) in to help him get a nap! But, alas. He discovered the popcorn, age his weight in it, then decided to get some exercise: feet on my lap, hands on the chair in front of me, then just leaning over the chair, then crawled through the crack in between the chairs… Ahh, and then Ches took him out. We have an agreement. I don’t think he’s ready for movies-which I’ve been proven right at the last 8 or so movies. He just can’t take it. Every month or so, Ches says he thinks Ethan’s ready. So…if we take him, Ches has to be willing to take him out. I don’t want it ruined for everyone else too! So, I met Ches outside, and began to debrief him on what he missed (what I’d want if it was me), and he told me no! He liked it so much, he’s going to go back alone one afternoon or night after work, and see it again! Ok, it was pretty good, but not that good. Ok, if you are going to see it, cover your eyes. The monsters win! Yay! In the story, it’s a good thing. It’s a good story with the main character learning to trust herself, and that she can do more than she every believed she could. And she makes odd friends. It’s Disney, but different-a little less cutesy and musical. It’s probably not one I’ll purchase as they said several things I wish I’d known about: one-said the girl had boobies (why was this necessary?), the president said to call a code brown, he was going to change his pants (not as bad, but again, why?), and we can’t remember any more right now… I’ve quizzed Ches, but he forgot we even went! We’ve done so much!

We took naps today-we were so tired after our late night last night. We came back in about two, put the kids down to read, darkened the room, and I put Ethan in bed with me. Well, yeah..that didn’t work! I put him upstairs by Ches and Clay, and he finally went to sleep. I was awakened repeatedly by Mary Claire requesting to go to the bathroom (why, I don’t know. It’s just something she does-maybe since she asks at school?), but fortunately I fall right back to sleep-being a mom maybe? Or sleep-deprived?? Anyway, I woke up feeling better. I called down to request a cookie sheet, since we didn’t have one (they can’t think of EvErYtHinG!) and I was feeling a little chocolate-chipy. I’d bought some frozen break-n-bake, knowing I need chocolate when I’m on vacation. Well, you know-all the time, but I needed supplies. Anyway, we went down to the front desk and got one, then came back and the kids were helping me. I introduced them to the dough (yum!!), then they helped me make them (heehee, we broke them up, and put them on a pan!), then they wondered out to play on the tennis court while they baked. I had requested a pancake turner/spatula, and they banged on the door with it. At some point, they also rang the phone to ask if we wanted housekeeping (they didn’t come in all the time we were gone!), and I got more towels! Keep me in towels and Cascade (since there are only four of each thing: bowls, spoons, glasses, etc!) and I’ll be happy. I also handed off my trash since Ethan finally had his vacation poop. Since he doesn’t eat that well on the first day (or maybe enough liquids or maybe exercise enough..) he doesn’t potty. When it comes, it’s big, and it usually takes two to clean him out. I sure didn’t want that sitting around here another day! : )

Then we took Ches to the Grand Ole Opry Convention Center for his presentation, got dinner at the mall, back to the hotel, played ball outside, met some new kids, changed into our swimsuits and went swimming! It was so warm! (Inside I mean.) We haven’t taken Ethan swimming since last summer, so it was fun to see how he loved the water! He had his swimsuit on, then we put his body suit with the floaty bits (he looked like a ninja turtle!) on, and he loved the water! I was in the hot tub (perfect, not too hot, and big with a shelf for him to walk all around the edges), and Ches was in the pool. He’d play with me (jump in, jump off the shelf into the middle-so brave!) then he would climb out, walk to the pool, jump in with Ches, play around (also heated, but not like bath water), and then come back to me. He had quite a game going! At one point, he would walk past Ches, around to the back, and Ches would have to swim to catch up with him till he decided to jump in-quite the leader! I was surprised at how well he did. I think the outfit fit him better this year than last, and he loves to jump with his face (or at least his mouth open) into the water, and get a big drink (yes, gross).

We are all tired. Ches is gone to work out, Mary Claire was low, ate, and I think is sleeping now. Ethan is asleep, Clay can’t sleep and is reading beside me. Hopefully we’ll get back into a routine, and get some rest! It’s funny how you need a vacation when you get back to rest! I guess we work hard and play hard.

It’s been fun-cookies, playing ball, swimming, just plain stuff, but better if it’s a game to find a pan, or a friend, or a towel… can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds! : ) We’re off to the zoo! Pray for warm, dry weather! : )

Ps-I’ll load the newest pictures down below-I’ll have to use Photobucket this time I think. It’s so easy to max out on Flickr every month! It only allows 1gb a month I think. Huh-that’s less than two days’ worth for me!


Gigi said...


Where are you staying my love?

Glad you are having fun.


Holly said...

It's called the Penthouse. Technically, it's a two bedroom apartment. It has a living room, kitchen, tiny breakfast area, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. One bedroom/bathroom is upstairs. It's like every time we go out of town, we require more space!!

We are, thanks! : ) Love you, miss you! Send more info in a minute...
: )