Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day of Rest? (Kinda)

Today was great. I actually had to restrain myself to keep from overdoing. It was hard! I'm working on the positive thing plus spending Sunday being less active. Today I cleaned a little, played Hullabaloo with the kids till we were worn out, then went upstairs and played Brain Quest, then I got a shower, the boys all had a bike ride, and then we sidewalk-chalked, and had company!

Mary Claire and Clay each had a friend over for a while. They were so cute, and really the boys never talked or saw the girls. I didn't know how it'd go, but it was great. And they were all sweet to Ethan! Mostly the girls were with him though. The boys ate lunch in the house, and the girls ate out in the playhouse in the top of the swingset. I should've taken pictures, but I was too busy running in and out. We had pizza (so easy!) and they all had soda-something we don't do too often, but they are getting bigger! They were so sweet-Ethan carried his plate up the ladder (yes, but he was so careful!) and sat with the girls. Then they played separately till they started Hide-and-Seek. They played together for a little while, then settled back down apart.

Later, Clay and Mary Claire went to the neighbor's house for some trampoline time, while I made dinner. We had yummy quesadillas-with the leftover grilled chicken from Thursday night! Mary Claire was shocked at how good they were! I guess it's been a while since we had them last? Ethan gobbled up his refried beans (only mildly shocking), and then baths, more games (Cranium Caraboo, Crocodile Dentist, Backrub Train, Tape Fascials, ..), stories and bed.

Long day. I'm still working on getting this pc loaded and ready to go. My biggest hurdle right now is moving over all my fonts so I can embroider/monogram with them. I'm slowly getting there. It's a rather large exercise in patience!!

I have strange bumps on me. (Don't think their contagious...) They are tiny and so itchy! I can't decide if it's 'cause I've been outside on the concrete a lot (ants?), or if it's a reaction to my lotion, or to the trees I pruned on last week. I just want them to go away! They are driving me nuts!

Hey, I just realized: I didn't go to WM today! (I guess it makes up for the two times yesterday.)

I go to get my hair done on Wednesday, yay! I'm ready. It seems to grow so fast. It feels all out of shape again. I think I'm going to grow it back out. I don't really care either way, but I like being able to pull it up-especially as it gets hotter. I even think it's easier to fix if it's longer! It takes longer to dry, but I don't have to use the big fat round brush to dry each section, then flat iron each section like when it was so short! It was so much more work! I need easy! And having no bangs-whew. Just takes an hour of stress and pimples off my day. Seriously. Which leads me to another thing: Mary Claire has pimples all up in her hairline at the top of her forehead. I guess maybe it's her shampoo (which we alternate based on which bathroom she's in, so who know which shampoo!)? I've tried to wash her hairline with plain baby shampoo, and the rest with the shampoo/conditioner one, but still pimples. This is a new thing, so what do I do? My baby. with pimples. Just when I thought I was done with them. They migrated. Poor kid. (but my skin is so much better after 35! It took me twice as long to grow out of puberty I guess?)

Do you remember the old Ripley's Believe It or Not shows? I used to watch them when I was a kid on Sunday nights at 6 o'clock. I'll never forget Jack Palance's haughting, mysterious voice! Our family would watch the unbelieveable together as we wound down the weekend. Mary Claire got a library book by the same name and was wowing me with details! I told her about the show from when I was younger, and she said, "so Gigi was as old as you then?" and I said yes. Then I thought about it. She was exactly my age! Weird that this would even occur to her! She's always trying to place me and learn more about me. I think it's so sweet that she cares. Clay and Mary Claire love to look at pictures and hear stories about when I was younger and about themselves as babies. Mary Claire took a stroll through the scrapbook albums today. Just a tiny (as I haven't scrapbooked so many things!) walk down Memory Lane!

Ches is gone to see Watch-something at the movies (Watchman?), and the house has finally fallen silent. I shall get some work done and hit the hay, I've been so tired lately! I just can't imagine why! : P (and maybe I'll finish the book I'm reading: Dwelling-all about your house-so good!)


Anonymous said...

Okay..Thursday and Friday..for sure..

Also, remember when I planted the petunias? It was the Sunday night after when I developed a few whelps, two very severe, the rest just came and went?

Lesley seemed to think their were chiggers on the petunias. Of course the whole family has allergies?

Holly said...

Okay, they totally remind my of chiggers!! That's what I've been thinking!! But I didn't know where I'd get them! They remind me of when I camped ONCE like 15 years ago, and my ankles got eaten up!!