Monday, March 30, 2009

Piles of Cheese!

Today we went down to get breakfast, brought it back, then took Ches to one of the a presentation (we dropped him off so we could have the van!). We got directions and went to the nearby (about 10-15 minutes away) Target. I could not go back into the mothball-smelling Kmart that was so very close. It’s just awful. Anyway, we got what we needed (q-tips, gum, tissues, yogurts, more soup (for Ches’ late night eating sessions), band-aids and headed back to the hotel room. I had planned to fit in some laundry before meeting Ches, but.. Whatever! We got in, they wanted yogurts they’d picked out, Ethan ate about three piles of grated cheese, they played outside, then it was time to go to meet Ches at the Opry Mills Mall (in fact, we were late).

I ran into Gymboree (which was *luckily* right by the train stop in the mall)! Ches and the kids went around the whole mall (it’s a battery-operated train with tires-no track-which the kids didn’t notice) then when I still wasn’t done (surprised?) Ches and Ethan went around again. Clay and Mary Claire watched the tv in the store-one of the best perks there! We only spent $30 on the train-they should’ve just went to the toy store to get new toys! But, Ethan did have lots of fun. I took pictures, but I didn’t catch when they left the first time-they were all blowing me kisses-they were so excited! : ) It would’ve been an awesome pictures, but then I wouldn’t have experienced it I guess.

Then we ate lunch at Chili’s-and Ethan ate almost nothing (maybe due to the piles of cheese?). Then we headed out to the zoo! As expected, Ethan fell asleep on the way there. Clay, Mary Claire and I went on in to get started! We spent the rest of the afternoon playing at the Jungle Zone, and taking in all the animals-both indoors and out! About 2/3 of the way through, Ches called and Ethan was awake. They met us at the massive porcupines, then we went to the children’s petting zoo, petted and brushed the animals (mostly goats), the goats tried to chew Ches’ belt and my purse, then we cleaned our hands, and had ice cream! We’d walked so much! We sat and ate-I had to eat most of Ethan’s since he lost interest and wanted to climb around! Poor me. Two chocolate ice cream cones! Teehee. Then back to the Jungle Zone kids’ play area to spend the rest of the afternoon! Ches and I took turns playing with the kids (well, mostly chaperoning Ethan). As we’d get totally tired out from climbing the massive rope spiderwebs, or crawling through the swinging tunnels, or sliding down the DaRk tunnels, we’d trade out with him and take turns. We took Ethan into this large, padded play area where he just bounced, jumped, did crash landings (that I’d swear would hurt!) and made friends! We had one little girl, Eloise, checking on Ethan and Mary Claire (“How do you know him?" and “Why is she sitting with you?”). There was another little boy who was chasing Ethan, then Ethan would chase him, and they’d copy each other on the big mats: rolling around, crawling, jumping off the benches, or bouncing down on their bottoms. I had to pull him out when we’d been there long enough. It was almost 5:30,and they closed at 6. I was exhausted-I couldn’t believe they weren’t ready to go! Whew, they’d better sleep well tonight (I know I will)!

We ate dinner/breakfast at Cracker Barrel, then came back to the hotel for baths (too tired and too late to swim!), then more Junie B. One-Man Band. We finished it tonight. : ) She’s so funny!

Ok, on another subject…Laundry! I just went down, loaded two washers, got them started and left. There was another nice man down there sitting with his computer in the steamy laundry room. I guess when he figured out that no one would “get” his silly laundry, he left. When I went back to move my stuff to the dryer, I found his stuff sitting in one of the dryers. Like I wanted his gray socks! : P So guess what I forgot to take down? My quarters! I had to come back, get them, and go back in there to start the dryers. Heehee : ) I bet nice man didn’t forget his quarters! So then Ches wanted me to get him a pass to use the Marriott’s gym (since I was out)-nicer than ours even though we are at a Marriott-I guess they figure if you’re at the Residence Inn, you are with the fam, and there’s no time to workout! And it’s already 10pm. It’s gonna be another late night! : )

I’ll try to post zoo pix (and train!) maybe in another set down below?

Ps-Just got a call from Cracker Barrel-we left Ethan’s backpack there. I told her the kids were already in bed, and it’d be tomorrow before I could get it. Get this-she wanted to know if it should be locked up for the night in the manager’s office! Yeah, right-if you count diapers, wipes, books and cars as valuables!


Gigi said...

Sounds like you are having a fun time! Love the photos.

Maybe Cracker Barrel for breakfast?? hee hee


Holly said...

yeah, we'll be back. on the upside, there is another outlet mall over there with a Carters and Oshkosh. Only too bad only Ethan can wear their sizes now!

Gigi said...

Hey I love the Meerkat Manor.

Glad the kiddies saw what I too. Tell them the Meerkats have their own TV show on the Animal Planet. Meerkats are actually mongooses (sp?) and that is the reason they use their teeth so well. Great photos!!

My roses came in from QVC and I need a flower bed. QUICK. QUICK.

Give everyone my love.