Friday, March 20, 2009

Blogging Vacation

It's been so very long..let's see, I don't even know how long it's been! Call it a Facebook hiatus! I'll get back on track. I have a timer I'm using now to keep me focused. : )

The Rundown:
Friday: Volunteered at school and helped with writing about their dream pets, went to lunch with Jen, shopped at Interiors Galleria (again!), home, got ready to go, Vanessa came to watch the kids, then Ches and I went out to Red Lobster, to Pottery Barn (my Friday night hangout!) and got the new catalog from Kyle that comes out next week!, then to the movies to see Duplicity (can't give it 5 stars, maybe 3.5, I can tell you why after you see it), and Mary Claire was over 300 most of the night, so I did tons of texting, and fortunately, didn't get thrown out of the theater! : ) Three cheers!

Saturday: Got kids baths, played a little, made Reagan's bday card (poem, stamps, glittery stuff), too much catching up on FB, all went to church together, 4:20 took MC to the skating party (brought back memories of my 8th birthday party I had there! It still stinks like feet there!), 4:40 back to church (picked up boys), 5:00 back to skating rink, they dropped me off, then they picked us up at 5:50, then called a pizza order into Tim's, ran down there, ate, then they dropped me at the mall to meet Melissa (whom I haven't seen in sooo long!) then we partied at the mall, then she brought me home (and I almost had a heart attack in her car when her phone rang, and a woman took over the speakers really loudly-I thought I was dying!!).

Sunday: Up, around, little more FB, laundry, lunch, tiny bit of reading, and cleaning stamps (as Mary Claire used about 45 on a little card!), get ready for trip, then to Missouri to see Ches' mom (actually a very nice visit), then to Fazoli's for more dinner for those ravenous kids! and home. Long weekend.

Ethan is still doing very well. No long term problems, I guess. He was holding his neck when he got in the van today, and I'll stress about his neck/head for a month, I'll bet.

Ok, somehow I just erased a whole section. I write only my crazy, random thoughts, so I have no idea what I just wrote about! heehee Will try to go on.. like Titanic! : )

Spring Break has officially begun! I didn't have to make lunches, make Mary Claire's lunch note, lay out clothes (after consulting our crazy weather), so Woo Hoo!... Let's see how I feel tomorrow!

I just found out that my friend's husband had a heart attack today, and will have bypass surgery tomorrow at 11am. Please pray for the successful surgery, and a speedy recovery. I can't imagine the scare, and what it's like. I guess it's like seeing someone else's life flash before your eyes. Just think about them. : )

My sweet daughter can be so crafty (wonder where she gets it?). She made a cute card today-it's all stamps (All in the Family and Family Accessories from Stampin' Up!) of her, Clay, and Ethan, and they are all holding things (bear, ball, bat, tutu, pets, and wearing party hats), and it's soo cute! I'm thinking about letting the kids have a fun party (for no real reason) this week. They have some friends who aren't leaving town, so they could all plan their own party/games/food, then celebrate! If your kids will be here, let us know! The kids will be (kinda, as I am still OC) in charge! Maybe play tent under the table, or Hullabaloo? They want cake or to decorate cookies. They think the small things are so great! Since I can't completely turn her loose for her bday, maybe now is a good non-party! Then no one has to bring bday gifts. Maybe we could gather dog food for the animal shelter? They have a real soft spot for doggies now. : ) Maybe it'll just be like a fun VBS week? No, that'd take planning on my part! : )

Ches goes back to work tomorrow. His break is over. : ( I'm glad that Arkansas has decided to coordinate all the spring breaks from now on. It's tough not having vacation together. He got lots of work done-mostly getting the back yard prepped for landscaping. He dug tunnels, used drainage pipe underground, laid river rock over them (we'll cover it though) with soil and bark. It may be another week till we get the plant in. It's work! He said tonight on the way back from Missouri that he's ready to open the pool! It's way too cold to swim, but it's just beautiful to look at. We could heat it, but when it's this cool, it takes too long to make it worth it. The only problem: then you have to keep it clean! Skimming, chemicals, aahhh, I don't think I'm ready! And then the kids start asking daily when they can swim! We really pushed it last year by letting them swim in May. It's not even April yet!

I'm still thinking about my breakfast room...I was thinking dark, hot pink (like raspberry), but now I'm thinking lime green, but maybe pale turquoise... Because it's on the north side, it needs to be a brighter color than I have now. It seems dark and small. I've got the new chair seat cushions (remember-lime and choc zebra?), so they would go best with the lime or raspberry. I feel like turquoise. I saw this great scheme at Interiors Galleria with the black/wood table like I have, and turquoise dishes (Vera Bradley! I didn't even know she had a home line!) It was so fresh and clean. I will have to see if I can find fabric to pull the lime, turquoise, and chocolate (and maybe black!) together. I'll have shorter drapes/curtains this time. I've enjoyed them, but I want something simpler now. Maybe even matchstick blinds to match my wood and no curtains? Hmm..will keep thinking about!

Must go to bed. Since it's not a school night, my kids will be up playing before 6:30 or 7am (school morning means I pull them out of bed about 7:10-after 10 minutes of singing, hugging/tickling, and finally nagging!). They are smarter than I give them credit for!

ps-get ready Baby Bookworms for my three kiddos! : )

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