Monday, March 23, 2009

Peepee Pain, and then the Peepee came!

I just never know when I get up how my day shall progress! I was running late this am (when am I not?) and had to grab my sure-thing-easy black shirt, khaki capris, and black (cute) flower sandals (As I'd already changed a couple of times!), and I'm glad I did, cause there was lots of day to come, and who knew I'd end with toothpaste on my pants and pee on my shirt?

Today we went to Baby Bookworms, had a great time, but almost at the end, Ethan started holding his peepee, and crying really hard. I thought maybe a hair, fuzz, hard absorbent pellet thingies, etc. I changed his diaper, and tried to make him more comfortable (as they didn't have a changing table fold-out thingie), but he almost touched the toilet seat-freaked me out! Then as we started to leave, it flushed, and splashed my hand!! Also freaked me out. I had to walk out, manage to keep him beside me and WASH MY HANDS!! It was awful. He continued to scream/cry for while the kids got the last books, then we checked out (with Sandra's help!). The kids had picked their own stuff (consisting of 6 Junie B. Jones books and about 12 videos, and two dinosaur books) and had gotten too many videos! They had to hold them till next time we go (Thursday). Then we decided to go to CFA, not thinking this peepee thing would last! Well, it did. He screamed, and cried, and screamed, and I was not doing well. No one even got to eat their food! I went in the bathroom (to check him again), and called the dr. I wanted in NOW! Long story short, they told me to come in, and they fit me in. We packed up the food, Clay and Mary Claire ate on the way there, and we got to see Dr. Swindle again (long time, no see!).
He said he was glad to see us again, and wanted to call this weekend to see how we were doing. He checked Ethan out, and said he was fine physically. He ordered and xray of his neck since he was still worried about him (and he was holding his neck yesterday), and wanted a urine sample. The nurse came in and bagged his privates-not cool-and then sent us to the Diagnostic Clinic for the xray. I called Ches in for backup about now, as I didn't know how on earth I could continue to deal! He came in right before the actual xray, so it got calmer. I read to Mary Claire out of her cute Junie B. Jones' Top Secret Personal Beeswax! It was so funny, Clay got into it! : ) Anyway, then we went by CFA, got Ches some lunch, and Mary Claire and Ethan and I ran into Barnes and Noble (to look for the Personal Beeswax book for her to fill out-like a journal!). We were still waiting for the pee, so I wanted him to walk around.

Well, the pee came. He walked off to the center aisle (away from the children's books!), so I scooped him up, and squeezed the pee bag! It went on my shirt, and all over his shorts (and it was a one-piece). Ahhhh!! We ran to the bathroom as he told everyone, "wet!" and I took off the bag, and put it into the pee cup. We met Ches outside, and drove the pee back to the clinic. It tested fine, no bacteria. And the dr. had the xray and it looked fine. He said he'd only call if the radiologist found anything wrong. (And I haven't heard from him yet...).

So, then back home and put him to bed. He only slept from 2ish till 3:30. The kids were playing legos so loudly, that they woke him up. He was grumpy!! He didn't get a good nap, and maybe was still hurting?

We still don't know what was wrong with him. The dr. said maybe his urine was concentrated, and sometimes it hurts in boys. He said maybe it was a virus that causes the lining of the urethra to hurt/burn/be extra sensitive ?? We'll take him back if it continues, but sometimes it's worse to not know. You always think that the doctor will know the answer, but not always. I'll be glad if the xray is clear though. Then I can rule out trauma from last Thursday!

So, then I called Mom and asked her to make dinner. It was feeling a little Monday-o'clock, and Ches is back to teaching on Monday nights -booo!!! So, we ran over there, and the kids played, and ate some. More later than at actual dinner! There was a little bit of Snickers ice cream left, and Ethan and I shared it. Yum!! : ) It was good!

Now we are back home and all the kiddies are asleep. I only had two come-downs tonight. A lost unicorn, and a shaky bed?? They are very creative. I have to give them credit where due!

Tomorrow is no MDO. I'll have to think of some creative thing to do. I feel like this week should be fun, maybe we'll go shoe shopping (yes, for them too!) I mean shoes for them, fun for me? Okay, should get to bed! My words sound like mish-mash. I am just dreaming about new shoes (for me)! Heehee Maybe I'll have them do their early homework since they'll miss a couple days next week. They both are working on fractions, so maybe we can do a fun math lesson! : ) Ok, good night.

Keep praying for Kathy, her John, Debbie, Corinne (her father passed away last week) : (
God is mighty and hears our hearts before our mouths even move! : )

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Anonymous said...

The wee angels are nesting with their various books and hidden treasures amidst a pile of heavy covers.

It's ten-seventeen p.m. and they want to know "Do they have to go to sleep if they are quiet?"

Methinks yes.