Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lost Plastic

We made it successfully to MDO today, and Ethan was great! He wanted me to get him a puzzle, then he got into his seat. He's growing up!

When it was time to leave the house to take him, he wanted me to go. He told me, "Mommy, bye-bye," and pointed to my seat-front right-since Ches was planning to take him. I ran and got my stuff, since I'd already gotten ready, and we all went out. After we dropped him off, we went to the new Target in Rogers! It was just beautiful, and stocked perfectly. I mean books in the One Spot up front were stacked perfectly-even inside the big bins. It was fun, they had new stuff-like furniture similar to what Ikea has for storage, new designers making functional office supplies/storage (where did I spend most of my time??), and finally a local Target has the shoes I got in Houston back in January. The turquoise ones I got, I finally wanted to wear, and they were too big. So, Rogers had them, and I rebought! Now I have the first pair with the receipt ready to return.

I also bought two new lime-y, recycle-y green tubs to recycle!! No, we don't currently recycle since in Springdale you have to pay extra, and I think it's wrong. They sell the bulk stuff to buyers, so the city makes money off our recycling trash, but they charge us monthly. So they make money both ways (I have heard that the market has dropped the price they get on recycleables, so maybe they aren't making as much currently). The only reason I have decided to recycle (besides it being very good for the environment) is that my kids keep asking why we don't recycle, and telling them we have to pay extra is lame. They just want to help our earth, so I'll start doing better. Now I know what must have happened in my students' homes when we used to teach about recycling at school-Pressure! So, now we'll be doing our tiny part. Besides using WM's black bags for our groceries-no more plastic! and they hold sooo much more! Sam's even has their gigantic version now, but I haven't invested in them thus far. Maybe in another year. Baby steps.

Right before I picked up Ethan, I got gas (at WM-yes, I go every day. I know the door greeter now. Very Sweet.). Well, somehow in the process, I lost my debit card. I didn't realize till it was time to get Ethan.
I had not printed a receipt, so I didn't have a phone number to call them. So I just called the bank, and had it cancelled. It was easier than me having a panic attack. I also enrolled (free for 30 days) in the special credit monitoring service they offer. Just in case. Then, picked up Ethan, circled back to Lowell, and guess who had my debit card? Yep, the gas station. The girl at Bank of America had told me that if I cancelled it, and found it, she would be unable to reinstate it, but at least I'd found it, and it was mine to trash. If I could've just waited 45 minutes to make the full circle. Oh well, it was getting awful old and worn-looking anyway. Maybe the new one will be prettier! : ) I'll know if 5-7 days.

My other big job...the insurance thing. I've been procrastinating about calling to check on my insurance money for the freezer motor/auger, and turned in the receipt/bill maybe a week and a half ago? Well, it's been on my to-do list to call them for about a week. Today, I got a check in the mail for the freezer! They reimbursed, and I didn't have to call. Talk about relief. Small hooray! : )

Tonight is p.r.e. for the kids, and I'm starting to think about dinner...maybe we'll grill chicken. Clay just finished his homework for school that's due on Friday, so he won't have to do it tomorrow-boy scout night. They are having fun playing outside-it's so beautiful! A heavenly 63 degrees. Warm, sunny, not too windy. I just hope Ethan wakes up to get some playtime out there too! The kids came in slamming and banging, and he slept right through it!

Enjoy your sunny day, and hold on to those little plastic thingies!


The Ware's said...

I'm glad Mary Claire is feeling better - I didn't get very far with anything yesterday - except for getting ready for Brownies. I did get your message - just haven't been able to call you back. I'll get the cartridge from you Monday. :o)

The Ware's said...

PS: Yes- the Yummy set is your's - that's the one you got for hosting a show during Sell-A-Bration... :o) Have fun with your goodies!

Holly said...

Ok, thank you-I have already put them all together-I LOVE the precut stamps!! Can you pass the thanks along to the company!!??

They are soo cute! : )

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the outdoor fun, pruning and playing!! Ethan loves being outside.