Friday, March 13, 2009

Lesson: Butter your spatula so you can spread more easily. (Can I have a Life Spatula? Buttered, please.)

I started my day at the school making rice krispy treats with Clay's class-they were so much fun! It made me miss teaching *just a little*. I mean a lot, but not enough to actually go back-I've got my work cut out for me at home! They were so cute, and you could tell the girls were more mature: they were actually reading the recipe directions. The boys just wanted to do everything in a hurry, and would grab a spatula or measuring cup-whatever the girls told them to do. Fun-kinda like life! heehee : ) Anyway, they all got the job done, so yay Mrs. Gawf's class!

Then I ran to get the key to the Town Hall for girl scouts Sunday night, and to Gap (Promenade!) to pick up the stuff I had on hold (Gap Friends and Family sale didn't start till yesterday, and I just hate to pay full price if I don't have to!), then back home, a quick 40 minute nap, then to the school for MC's Famous American presentation.

Can I just say that all the kids were soooo *Cute!* I mean, adorable! They were all dressed so cute, and most remembered their names and what they were famous for, and they were awesome listeners for the kids speaking! I was impressed. What a great way to learn more about other famous people. There was even an Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Clinton stole the show! Just hilarious! I took lots of pictures-I mean, can you get enough of adorable first graders anyway?

Then home. Ches had wanted to take the kids to see the Witch Mountain movie after school, but Clay didn't want to go. So, now our plan is to take everyone to Fun City for playing and pizza after Ethan wakes up (I think he didn't go to sleep till almost 3:30). Ches' spring break has started and he's just antsy to do something-anything! He may go to the movies later tonight. As for me, I have to catch up on that L-word that is threatening to take over my house! There is much to do, and I'll get to it. Fun's-a-waiting!

ps-wanna get another Comment Challenge going? I'll have to find a great prize!


Anonymous said...

..Sounds like a fun day with rice krispy treats!

The L-word?

Comment challenge?



Holly said...


Yes, must find a prize. : ) Any ideas?

Will think of worthy contest. heehee

Holly said...

ps-thanks for using your name. : )

Anonymous said...

~~Now you know my name is simon....and the things I draw come true..~~


A worthy contest? Let me see...

How about Seinfeld trivia? STAR WARS trivia?

Or is it the Seinfeld 'worthy' (sponge) trivia? Or is it the who Princess Leia's brother could be?

Or in the manner of the good old fashioned 'political commentary', you could do an essay on the economy and how it is affecting each of us?

Did you happen to see the 'local' who is now driving a SMART car in our area. Kudos to whomever they are and I wish I had a SMART Mercedes.


Anonymous said...

You are invited to dinner at five-thirty Monday night to celebrate our John's birthday. There will be singing and dancing and the blowing of candles and maybe a bit of ice cream.

Be here or be square!


The Ware's said...

I'm playing catch up on your last few days... glad to hear Mary Claire's appt. went well and that the weather didn't affect it at all - what a trooper to have blood drawn! Having blood work done on little ones is no fun for sure! Our Spring Break has officially started with me feeling icky .. hopefully it will all clear up soon - it's my usual asthma, allergy, weather change fun but ugh! Looking forward to Monday's storytime - it looks like it will be nice - should we head to Wilson Park afterwards since I'll have Emily and then maybe lunch somewhere? What do you think? I'll have to see about a hair appt. on my own.. after 13 years of doing them together it would feel really strange! :o) Off to bed - stamp camp tomorrow after church and lunch.. finally have everything together for it! Good night!