Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bad Mommy

Do you ever wonder if you're doing the best you can for your kids? I saw a book in Target today called the seven habits of highly effective kids (or something like that). It was about teaching them to make their own fun (instead of saying, "I'm bored!" and looking for someone or someTHING to entertain them), to have a the "end" goal in mind when you're planning, etc. It was great! The other book I just HaD to have was Free to Be You and Me-a colletion of stories, poems and songs about kids being good enough just the way they are. One layout was all pictures of adults, athletes, and kids crying. It was about it being okay to cry, and let all the sadness and anger out! Precious. All the stories were not perfect, happily-ever-after stories, but realistic. I've now added to my be-a-good-mommy collection!

I just self-analyze all the time. Did I correct them properly (not so harsh, not in front of others to embarrass, etc.) Do they have manners (and use them when I'm not around), was their I'm-sorry sincere, do they care about others, do they wash their hands when no one is looking? I guess now that I can chill out on the read/write/arithmetic, as they are doing very well, I can focus on to another phase-character development.

Yesterday, Clay was positively wild! He was laughing at Mary Claire as I was trying to get them to jump rope (ha! a story for another time..) and he was not being very nice. I talked to him, and he was still in that "school zone" where they have to be tough, defend themselves (or be eaten alive), and generally be "on". I talked him down, and he got back to Sweet Clay. I know he can't do it all the time, and most of his friends wouldn't understand, but I know him on the inside, and he's just precious. Loving, kind, soft-hearted, cries when he's sad, wouldn't make fun, but that side keeps going into hiding. How to encourage it out?

I'm making Easter baskets for the kids. I know I said they were getting underwear, but I don't know if I can do it. I bought new stuff today. We avoid the candy, so they're getting books, toys, puzzles, play-doh, a doll (a GS Groovy Girl!), K'nex, and Ethan's getting a floating xylophone for the tub! I bought baskets on sale after Easter last year, so they are getting filled tomorrow! I thought I'd have time tonight, but I need to go to bed early! I have lived on very little sleep for three days (due to recent FB addiction), and I'll get sick if it continues. That's a headline: Facebook cause Illness! ; )

Today was a great MDO-I took Isabella (sweet thing!) and picked her up, and she is so precious!!! Tomorrow Susan is taking and picking up Ethan! Yay! Maybe I'll get a little done here (if I stay off the computer!) and of course I'll run back to WM. Today was just a fun trip. Another gift for a birthday party this weekend, new watch battery, pictures developed, bandaids (for the section of ear Ches had ReMoVEd! Precancerous, and it got sent off), 7 new cinnamon roll yogurts (as there was a fight over the ONE I got last week!), new cereal, more sidewalk chalk (mustn't run low, as we are ARtEEsts!) and general goofing off around the store! Tomorrow is down to business-Real Groceries!

Also ran into Interiors Galleria today and LOVed IT! I thought it was a stupid flea market type thing with junk. It was great! Lots of ideas, and I got a few things (in the ten big minutes I allowed to run in there!), I will for SURE be back! I also got my new rugs in today from Lighting Emporium!! I haven't opened them yet, as I feel like I have to clean my laundry room to prepare it for the new rug, and clean the floors to put down the others. I don't know why, more o/c behavior!? Tomorrow should provide the time. It even makes me want to repaint/redecorate in there! ANother day!

Okay, back to FB, then bed. Maybe the new book (as I haven't STARTED it yet!) Sleep well, angels. Kiss your kiddies and love on them! And tell them they can cry! and to be nice to others! : )

ps-oh, and Ethan doesn't know all his colors. or letters. Bad Mommy. Although, he doesn't talk a whole lot period. Bad mommy-I sense Paci is at the root of it. Might be almost time. For the Taking Away. Of The Sucktoy.


Anonymous said...

Wowza.. You are busymom for sure.

Cute photos.

Also, you have a very nice bracelet that is on my night stand. Nice indeedy! Have you missed it?

I bet the Easter baskets are going to be phenomenal.


Holly said...

OH, no! I think I took it off to remove your scab! : ) Fun!

I'll take pix of the baskets when they are done... : ) Hopefully today!