Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Could the PD run my debit card, please?

Feelin' sucky? Havin' a down day? Well, I can top your story any day! Let's just talk about my day so far. At 10:07am.

So, I get up early (before the kids) to shower. Because today is Mother's Day Out, and I get to Go Out!! So, I spend time on my hair-blow drying sections, velcro-rolling them so I'll have nice body/bounce in my hair. I get the kids around (rollers in hair feeling like alien), make ponytails, coax a two-year-old into a cute red gingham button down shirt for his Valentine's party *so cute!* Then quickly put on make up, field a couple of calls, push the first load of laundry to the dryer, load the second (hopefully will be done before I leave so as not to sit wet all day), then I remembered I hadn't filled out Ethan's cards yet (Ches did it, thank you, God!), got together his party stuff/donations, grabbed some returns/receipts, jacket, umbrella, out the door. Late. I left the house about 10 till 9.

Well, I'm on the phone, and apparently Freakin' FORGOT that the Stupid Speed Limit on Wagon Wheel is STUPID 25. I must have been wearing my "I'm feelin' like a ticket" flag, cause they bit. I kept seeing all these stupid lights in my back window, like get off my tail, sucker. So
I got off the phone with, "I gotta go. A cop." We did the usual (amazingly, Ches must have pried my id out of the little window last night-how did he know?) exchange of paperwork, and he disappeared to the recesses of his blinky car. Ok, after 4-5 minutes (time to run my tag/make a judgment call), I knew we were in Ticket Territory. Another few minutes, he appeared with the stupid metal clipboard/box (where do they get those?). I rolled down my window to take the clipboard, and he stood back, so the rain could sufficiently humidify my nice bouncy hair-especially on the left side. I kept nodding, like, "I get this, gimme the clipboard so I can get my kid on to Mother's Day Out. Can't you tell I'm running late?" So, finally I sign it and he tells me to "have a nice day". Yep, you shot that one.
So, he screwed up my hair and made me later-all for a handsome price.

So Ches called, to tell me we had a problem, I said, "Yep, me too." And he said Durham's had called, and there was a spot open for Ethan on Thursday mornings-and this Thurs. he has an ENT appt. So, I said, "Remember when you told me the next time there was a big expensive thing, not to tell you, because it causes you more stress, you don't handle the money, and it was better if you didn't even know?" And, he said yes. So, I said, "So do you still feel that way?" Yes again. So then, "Have a great day today, love you!" Click. I'd saved his day of my misery. I just have to suffer alone. With bad hair.

When we got to the school, I got in the back, loaded up like a pack horse: child, backpack, lunchbox, bag of party goodies, and umbrella-and took him in thru the pouring rain. He got near his door, and started to scream and cry, "bye, bye!" He did NOT want to go to MDO today. Knowing how I feel sometimes, and how it was nice and dry and comfy at home, I could see his point. I really only had a couple of errands after my busy day yesterday, so I brought him home. No tickets on the way home if you were wondering.

Why can't they just have a slider for my debit card? They're only out there to make money, otherwise why the stupid 25 mph speed limit on a Major Road? They could just swipe my debit card, I could enter my PIN, and get back to life. So I called the Rogers Police Dept. (talked to Megan, So Sweet!) and they said they don't turn the tickets in for two weeks, so I couldn't pay it till then. But they have my court date as Feb. 23rd (7am again!), so how could I avoid a Warrant for my arrest (sounds so ominous) by paying before court date, if they won't have the ticket recorded, so I could pay. See? They are just making money. She said to bring it in, she'd process it for me, so I could pay it. How kind of her. I told you she was sweet! We decided I'd come in next week after I dropped Ethan off at MDO, since it was close to the PD. So, I'll add that to my To Do List for next Tuesday. If I get a MDO. And Ethan doesn't rebel.

So now we're home. Ethan and I are playing table tent/crawling chase under the dining room table (sans chairs), Cracker Barrel game (I'm an imbecile), barrel of monkeys, color tiles, and now he's playing legos. I'm having a Mother's Day In. Like usual-getting my laundry done! And redone, as a foreign plaid napkin made it into my Light basket (and it's not light colored). It colored about 4 other pieces of clothing, so I have to rewash and hope for the best. One of them made it thru the dryer, and it was one of her favorites: her red and white sailor shirt. Sadness.

Ok, I do get to go out later. (Small hurray! heard in distance) Ches is home and will watch Ethan while I run to Target and eat lunch out. And the rain may have stopped. It could be a better day.

Gotta go, Ches is coming, and I don't want to ruin his day. ; )


Gigi said...

You don't have bad hair, you just live smack-dab in the middle of humidity central.

You ought to write a book.

Your daily life is more than most people live in a month.

Just know you are loved.

Gigi said...

By the way, I know how to solve the Cracker Barrel Puzzle. ;O)

Holly said...

I shall bring it to lunch! I used to have the directions hidden, but I don't remember where I hid them.
Well, the right side is bouncier now. I just like it even. Maybe I'll roll down the right window and sit like an idiot on the side of the road. No, wait. I might get a ticket for trespassing or soliciting.

Anonymous said...

You are a hoot! See you EARLY in the morning.

Send someone out for doughnuts and I will make coffee (hope you have some?)

I read to Dad your ticket scene and he asked me to say a bit to you about slowing down. He knows a thing or two about the blinking lights.