Monday, February 2, 2009

Maxing Out my Picture Allowance

This is just my new favorite pasttime. It's so much easier than scrapbooking, and you feel like you've journaled. The only thing is, once I take down the pictures, they are gone. : ( I'm adding pictures from our trip to the bottom. I'm only adding a few, but there are so many! Of course. I tried to pick some of the best ones of the kids-a few from each place.

I made it to the 9am CPA appointment. Minus a few important things, but made it. I'll gather them and return them soon. Then at 10:30am, we had our 2 and a half hour session with our insurance adjuster, Paula. She was really very nice. She has three kids and lives in Shreveport, Louisiana. There was just so much for her to document, and she had to measure all the rooms that'll have to be repainted. There were water stains on lots of ceilings, the stick, branches on fence, guttering, broken swing, and now my ice isn't coming out of the refrigerator. The button pushes, but nothing happens. It's so much better this morning. It was just so overwhelming last night. I spent 9 hours cleaning up the floors, refrigerators, etc. I'm getting closer. I did wash Ethan's Kiki (blanket) this morning with my sheets (which I've yet to put back on my bed..). His blanket was taking on a life (smell) of it's own! It's been everywhere with us, and I didn't have time to wash it before he went to bed on Saturday night at the hotel.

Life is getting back to normal, and it feels great. It's been a crazy morning, but I'm So THankFul to be home! It's great to have food, a warm bed (that's mine, all mine, and no strangers have slept in it!), and room to play for the kids, popsicles and videos (Ethan this am), and toys to clean up, clothes to put away (and places to put them). I'm just thankful is all I can say. Our damage could've been so much worse; we could've been here in the storm, cold and miserable.

I'm posting pictutes, but it may take a while...I'm maxing out my flickr account as I write. They just have the best hosting, with good slideshows, and they take up less space down below!

How have you fared in the recent weather? Leave me a comment!
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The Ware's said...

Hi Holly - sounds like you guys had a lot to come home to - we lost power here and there but I have friends out this way that are still without power and will be for at least a week! Feel so bad for them - we are back in school but have the flu - Nora started it last week then Morgan and now me.. Emily came home a little early from school in the middle of her class play not feeling well. We'll see if she makes it back for the night performance! What a week! Your pictures are great though - Emily has the same heart dress that Mary Claire has in the picture of her collecting shells - too funny! Well, better run..

Holly said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. The flu is horrible. So you had power most of the time? That's awesome! We lost it Tuesday around 6am and it came back on about 7pm Saturday night. I'm just thankful we weren't here suffering. There are lots of people who rode it out-I'm amazed and proud of them!

I had lots of driving time to pour over my catalog..mmm.. I was excited to try the bleach stamping on colored paper! I'm getting an order ready! ps-has the little phrases/words set gone on sale? It had all the baby, sweet, birthday, sister, etc. in it in a small typewriter font. I'll see what it's called.

Take care of yourself-you still have to be a mom even when you are sick. Do you need anything?

Anonymous said...

I have fared well since the power has been turned back on, but I could use help with debris. There is probably one to two tons of limbs. I loved the trees, maybe too much? The poor little birds have to pack up and make new nests, and our precious squirrel is just gone.

The ice storm taught all of us a few major lessons in life.

Glad you are home safe Holly!

Holly said...

thanks! Do you need a few little helpers? Maybe we could help Saturday? I think it may get warmer...I'll check the weather. : )