Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My brain took a vacation.

The fix-it crew came yesterday afternoon to repair my hole. They woke me up after 15 minutes (power nap maybe?), then proceeded to rip the stick from the hole, then started banging and cutting. So guess who else got their nap interrupted? Yep, Ethan. He started yelling, and when I went up there, he was still laying down. I stood in the doorway wondering whether he was going to get up or not. There’s always a moment where you think “I should back away quietly and see if they’ll sleep more”, or “I should get him since the minute I walk away, he’ll scream”. Parenthood is full of questioning yourself. It’s all judgment calls.

So, I went ahead and picked up the kids as car riders (since Mary Claire loves that!), and we went to Fayetteville to get my oil changed (that’s been warning me for 4 days that it’s in negative mileage! Yes, impossible, but Honda thinks of everything!

Clay was so sad, he’d wanted to play with Jacob after school. When I told him we had to get the oil changed, Daddy would meet us there, and we’d run over to Sam’s for a little bit, he huffed again. Then, when we got to the on-ramp for the bypass, he started crying, “The highway? It’ll take sooo long!” I guess meaning that it’s far away? So I told him the bypass makes it faster.

We met Ches, got some pizza at Sam’s (ended up being our early dinner), and shopped a little to replace some of our lost food from the storm. We picked up the van, and headed home.

I forgot there was a Girl Scout Leaders’ meeting last night, so I’m really glad we had that early dinner, since it was 5:00, the kids needed baths, and I had to leave around 6:15. Ches went out to clean up branches in the front/side yard, and I got to bath-giving. Ethan again decided to pour a megablock (we have barbies, blocks, dishes, you name it) full of water out onto the rug. Ick. So I had to take all the water-holding toys out of the tub. I washed everyone’s hair, and started cleaning/getting out Ethan’s jammies.

Got them all out, and remembered I was supposed to make a notebook for another troop leader, so I got to work. I made tabs, then stapled them in. Grabbed a notebook for me to take notes, a yogurt for snack, and ran out the door.

Meeting was okay-freezing cold though! I’m glad I took a coat! I signed up to help unload trucks of cookies when they come in: Monday, Feb. 16th. I bet it’ll smell so good… Our troop sold so many cookies, that I think the girls earned around $500! I was so impressed and proud of them! Our top seller wanted to sell 400 boxes to earn $10 cookie bucks to spend in the GS store. I say we owe her $10 to spend for selling over 200 boxes! She’s awesome! Mary Claire sold a little over a hundred, which seemed like a lot. You find out that every box really helps!!

Right now, the kids are back getting their teeth cleaned at the dentist. I’m waiting during the cleaning part. I always want to talk with the dentist about their teeth! I had to have braces, and I bet Clay will too. Now kids are getting them earlier and earlier. Clay’s friend got braces last year-in first grade. I don’t know if it helps or not. I guess if you have your big 4 front teeth and 4 main bottom teeth it does.

Today they plan to finish the roof shingles on the house, apparently it was too cold yesterday to put them up, they kept breaking! Shingles, breaking? Who has ever heard of that? They plan to try again this afternoon. Which means more hammering! Ethan will not get a good nap again today. I’ll plan to put him down early hoping for a little bit longer nap than yesterday!

Tomorrow is my hair appointment!! Yay! I’m so excited! I feel like my roots are dark and my ends are looking split and dry. He tries to make me wait 6 weeks, and I was used to going every four. This time, it’s been 7 and a half weeks-wayyyy too long! My hair is high-maintenance! It just grows soooo fast! It is not average. I plan to make my hair appointment before I go in, so I can avoid him making my next appointment, since he counts out six weeks and there is no budging him. I’ll show him!

Sometimes I think my brain takes vacations without me. Long story: I gave Ethan an early nap since yesterday they woke him with their hammering, and today was to be a continuation. And then, they didn't hammer this afternoon. So he took a short nap anyway, and was up by 1 or 1:30. Having finally written some overdue thank you notes, and having gotten the soccer pump pouch ready to go to a new diabetes pumping friend, I wanted to get to the post office since I missed my mail lady while at the kids' dentist. So, I loaded up Ethan, to let mom watch him for a few minutes while I ran to the tiny (unbusy) Elm Springs post office. I dropped him off, drove to the post office, ran around to my bag o'stuff, and there were no thank you's. Or the packaged pump pouch. Ahhhh! I'd left them at home! And that was the only reason I'd gotten out in the 29 degree weather with a toddler on the hanging tree branch-y roads! Can I say AAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! again? Ok, so my brain took a vacation-where was it? I don't know, did it send you a post card?

Ok-8pm now... I took the kids to PRE (church) and made a quick run to Hobby Lobby while they were in class. It is always fun and creative. : ) I bought flowers and a vase-thingy to make an arrangement for my dining room table that I've been thinking about for a month now! I'll take a pix and post if it turns out okay. It's parrot tulips, hydrangeas, budding branches, and a very rustic urn type vase. We'll see...

And I should get to bed early with the cold and all... Yeah, right after my flower arrangement! I have resolved if I buy something at hobby lobby, I must use it right away. I overbuy and plan projects, then don't get to them and have stuff piled up! So, to the flowers!


Gigi said...

Busy Busy Mom Indeed...

See you tomorrow at eleven..

Don't you worry about a thing..

Your little boy and your hair are both just right..

Love and hugs~~~

Holly said...

You are too kind. : )
My babies are precious, but my hair-ewww!
I'll be a new person tomorrow. : ) We can't wait to see you!