Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Desk Got a Makeover!

I'm finding ways to compensate for not working out lately (well, wii-ing at least). I am now eating more carrots, climbing the stairs more frequently, eating (really yummy Cascadian Farm Organic granola and) yogurt, not getting popcorn at the movies, sharing a meal at a restaurant, coughing frequently to work out my back and chest muscles (and abs!), umm. maybe that's it. Yeah, I know, not much. It's a small effort. But I've been sick! And I DO have guilt, so I'll be back at it soon enough! : )

I want a panini press. I just heard another Hot Pockets commercial for their new paninis, so it made me think of it! But, I would really like one. I HaTe sandwiches, but not paninis! There's something about melty cheese on meat between buttery grilled toast. It's just good. You can put AnyThing in between the bread, and it'll be great! I order them when I go to Johnny Carinos, Mimi's Cafe, or Panera. And I like them with bacon, or red onion, turkey, pepper jack cheese...maybe that's why I'm having to do all the above! ; )

Well, the movie last night was great! We saw He's Just Not That Into You. Ches says he was in the very low 5% man-population-viewing-audience. I don't think it was really ThAt bad, but close. THere was one part in there just for men! It was hilarious! I'll let you see it. If you don't make it to the theater, you'll have to rent it! : )

Today, I got a lot done! I made my bed (woo-hoo for me!), gave the kids baths, cleaned our bathroom, cleaned out the creepy bathtub (turned on the jets for MC, and got stuff coming out!?), went to church, dinner at Chili's, cleaned/stripped my kitchen (changed up stuff, took out toaster oven, added new lime green towels), and spent all other minutes in the day cleaning my desk/office/scrapbook stuff. Whew. Three bags of trash. I'm just finishing up. I reprinted new file folder labels (and added lots of files), made cute little labeled clothespins (which I use for everything: to mark my calendar, hold together receipts, clip on To Do stuff, as chip clips, etc.), cleaned off my bulletin board and desktop, removed a computer tower I don't use anymore (filled it with scrapbook paper), cleaned out my boxes of cards (relabeled the tabs for thank you notes, blank notes, invitations, stickers, etc.), relabeled boxes, moved a bunch of books into a basket on top of my desk to free up a shelf, reorganized my stamps, etc. As I said, it's been all my spare minutes! I now have three empty tubs! What shall I fill them with.... ?

And I vacuumed and mopped downstairs. You know, I think when I mop, it either makes people drop drippy stuff on it, or it gathers stuff that is repelled by a dirty floor. I had to remop one area immediately since two people walked across it. You know, if I'd been doing laundry (yep, did that too), they hide out so they don't have to help or put their stuff away. But, mop and they feel hungry and need to keep coming in the kitchen!

Church was fun(ny). They PlaYeD a tape for the homily today. Yep, not only is that weird, they had so much trouble with it, and it took a good 5-10 minutes for them to figure out how to play it, and everyone just sat so quietly. Even Ethan-that's the weirdest. Then toward the end, Ethan dropped (!) the kneeler on the top of my foot! It hurt soooo bad! Apparently I made an awful noise since people asked me about it after church! Oops, sorry. Pain causes you to do unknown strange involuntary things (like yelping)!

I think I'm going to paint this week. I have found the most AdoRabLe pictures the kids have made. It makes me want to preserve them forever! There's one Mary Claire made of Mary with wings and it says, "I love you, Mary". There's another one where she's sliding down the slide headfirst with her friends doing the same-it's so cute! Then there's the one Clay made of our house: it's a layout of our house with us in different rooms doing stuff. It's just so sweet-and it's his perspective. I love it! I think I'd love to paint them for the kids. I've had them paint their stuff before, but I did one of Clay's last year, and it was so sweet. I just like to paint. It's therapeutic! And I could use a break after all the storm damage and estimates!

Ok, to bed-the kids will be up early in the morning!

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