Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I used my cruise control! (I'll learn to use it in life one day)

Well, folks, I've learned that Busy is average any more. So, today was average. heehee. And fun.

Ok, so got a cute tag printed for Mrs. Collier's gs cookies, jammed up the printer with a sheet of labels (making cute money envelope for Mary Claire) got the kids around (normally I lay out the kids' clothes the night before, but alas, was tired last night so I had to put together clothes this am-and today was hunter/forest green day for a themed writing day and who has forest green? Lime, I'm there, but forest is Not in style. Clay found a green shirt, hunter-ish, and Mary Claire wore a kelly green dress), then cute hairstyle with matching bow for her green/pink leggings/pink polka dot shoes, then lunch note (again with the tired-last-night), kids to school, get around quickly as we decided to take Ethan to MDO late. I didn't leave home till 8:58 again, but I set my cruise control on 31 on Wagon Wheel, just in case. I mean, I had cars stacked up behind me, and they were thinking, "Get on with it, Granny!!" but I didn't get a ticket! : )

Then dropped him off (and there was much whining and gnashing of teeth! A lot of screaming, "Bye, bye!!") I was strong, sat on the floor with him, then played by the toybox with him, then moved back about 4 feet, then went with them to chapel, then left. He cried, but only for a minute. I waited. And he didn't start up the whine-cry-scream-engine again. I cried, felt bad, felt mean, felt selfish. Then Susan, the director, gave me a big hug, and said sometimes it was harder on the parents than for the kids. She's right. I was weird and quiet for over an hour. All red-faced. (I called an hour later, and he was fine.)

Then to the special place. The blinky light station. And can I just say what a circus/runaround they have going on there? I mean, if I was running the place (I'd never do such a thing, as they have bad uniforms and people might not like me even more!...) I'd have it streamlined. When you write a ticket, you turn in the *$#% thing to get it processed. You know, so the person can pay it? I had to leave the pay station, aka Police Station Records Dept., drive to the Rogers Courts Division (around corner-same big crazy building, but no hallway to connect the two for mere citizens), and get my ticket registered/filed. And they didn't really want to do it for me. I told them I'd called last week, talked to Connie, and she said she'd file it so I could pay it. So they did (I had to talk them into it. Into letting me pay it. Can we say Bizarre?) Then I had to drive back over to the Records Dept., stand in line, then pay it. Fun. Only I paid for the fun, so less fun.

Then to Hobby Lobby, then deal with GS Cookie Crisis-need more! So, twenty minutes of phone calls, then have to wait till 2pm to call Cookie Queen. On the highway south, meet Mom at Outlet Mall, and then to run errands. Two banks, four deposits, then CBO (for return, and some cards), Chili's for lunch (and delicioso Paradise Pie!! so rich, we couldn't finish it!!), then to JCPenney's for return, socks, sunglasses (so cute with rhinestones!), check out jewelry (as it's 50% off), then to WM for tubs (PB ornaments need a home till Christmas!), and then Sam's for groceries. We ran into Bozena-precious!-and got to chat about Poland, then more groceries, some more groceries, and checked out (using the big, honkin' flatbed carts for all the stuff!) then to the Boy Scout store to get all of Clay's necessary stuff (shirt, book, neckerchief, ring, belt, patches, etc.), then to Mom's car, unload groceries, and home (no sigh of relief yet). Then other GS leader comes to trade out cookies, then a GS parent to check out more cookies, then take kids to PRE (what happened to dinner?), then to Lenny's to get a sandwich to share with Ches, then to Sonic (Diet Dr. Pepper for Ches, kids' meal for Ethan), then to look at new Toyota car/SUV (no, not buying now), then to WM (some groceries with Ethan), then to church to pu kids, then baths, read books, brush teeth, more snacks... and more snacks... then all to bed! Laid out clothes, made lunches, made lunch note (MC), then laid out cookies to go to secretary tomorrow, emails, update blood sugars on medical insurance website, and Here I Am!!! Whew, that's a day. Oh, and cleaned a toilet while Ethan was in tub. Yay! Progress. One toilet at a time (no swirly needed yet, still just Clorox wiping around: tank, flusher, lid, seat, icky bottom of lid, toilet top, all outside of toilet-3 wipes, done!)

I did notice the laundry calling my name (full sorted bags, Waiting On Me), but I told them to hold their horses till tomorrow. I got stuff to do. More fun than that! I am getting Photoshop, which should help me make my own backgrounds, and a new blog header. I'm hoping I get it soon... Ches said he'd get it at work, since he can get a Small Discount. So, I'm being patient... It's been like a month or two. Maybe on Thursday? You will KNOW when I get it-I'll have a makeover! : ) Exciting!

Ok, must rest, I hear Bed calling. Ethan (and I) have gymnastics in the am. It's a Mommy & Me class. I took Mary Claire years ago. She loved it; I'm sure he will too. I've been waiting for a spot to open in the only class with boys in it, and now we're in! Yay! He is a monkey, he'll love it!

FYI: Ethan has taken to calling out to me, very loudly, in an Italian accent, "Ma-ma! Ma-ma!" And it's really a sort-of demand to get my booty over there! He's got a need! Monday, he hollered, and he was Standing on the kitchen counter. I guess he was proud of himself, or wanted down? Anyway, it was the Italian accent. Same today when he was at the top of the stairs and wanted to come down. His hands were full of trains and cars, so I was needed. Heaven forbid he put down the cars and hold the rail! He needed a courier, and I would do. "Ma-ma! Ma-ma!" Kinda sounds like a raven. An insistent, annoying raven. If he just wasn't so darn cute.

Alrighty, get some beauty sleep, and we'll do the run-down again tomorrow! Same bat time, same bat channel, gorgeous people!
ps-have you tried the over-the-counter chemical peel? Maybe the strong AHA's? Let me know how long it takes before you can return to public for viewing (sans red scratchy face).

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