Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two shoppers are not better than one!

I heard a knock on the door this morning at 8am-it was the cable guy. I'd been watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Ethan and Clay, and it'd been coming and going-more going: we watched lots of snow. Anyway, he was in the neighborhood, and he wanted into the backyard. At 8am on a Sunday morning! Only Cox. I mean, who else works on Sunday mornings? Besides WM workers? Anyway, he fixed it, and we had great cable! ps-since we had it on closed captioning, it said the theme song was Hot Dog by They Might Be Giants. I'm going to try to find it to add to my Playlist. It's such a catchy tune-I'm wondering if they added Mickey Mouse to the song, or if it was originally in there!

Then I showered and went to church with Clay. I'd worn an ivory sweater that had really open weaving so I wore a thin ivory tank under it so my skin didn't show thru-you know, it being church and 30 degrees and all. Well, I guess on the way there it hiked it's way up to the smaller area-being above the belly button. I didn't feel it till we were walking in. How embarrassing. I had to stop by the doors, reach under my sweater and pull that crawling tank back down to her rightful, skin-guarding place! Ahh! And I had to keep at it thru church every time I stood up! I must have shrunk it. Or I grew. In the middle area. Hmm. Can't be me.
Well, Clay was very good and we sat by some sweet friends. I got to sing, which I love. Sometimes when we're in a crowded pew, we don't all get songbooks, but today I did. Yay! The singing made up for the rolly shirt.

We reheated the pizza and had leftovers for lunch. It was perfect-I needed hot food after freezing my belly off in the cold!
Then Mary Claire and I had a party of pretend food upstairs and we danced to Camp Rock. Ethan even danced with me! Later the kids retreated for a quiet afternoon while Ethan slept, and I got caught up on stuff and laundry-big surprise. Ethan had peed through his diaper on all his bedding this morning: sheet, mattress pad, pillowcases, blanket, jammies. So, I had lots of extra laundry (plus the throw up last night...). On the upside, my new stripey, ruffled cami-shirt and sweater came clean! All the red berry juice came out! Amazing. I think it's 'cause I soaked it and got it washed within an hour or so. Go, me! : )

Mary Claire came down when she was sure she was done being alone upstairs, and we made her a notebook with tabs for all her girly journaling. We made her tabs like, "Fancy Things", "Party Ideas", "Friends", and "Happy Things". She was tickled pink! We stapled them in, and I used up all my staples (we'll get to that). She said she was going to write her plans for her birthday party in there. Just think, if she plans it all, I won't have to do much! : )

Then I remembered girl scouts. I called the other leader, and we chatted too long. Ches was already asking for dinner (and I'd planned to make yummy corn chowder) and I had to make some reminder notes for the parents for the next few events planned-three! this week! So, by the time I got that done, it was 4:45. I had to make dinner and have it eaten by the time we had to leave at 5:30. Ugh-not enough time for corn chowder. So we pulled our latest Save Dinner Plan out. We had paninis. Again. Ok, fun the first time, intriguing the second, alright the third. Fourth time, not so cool. They are tasty-and I'm getting better at them, by the way. But Mary Claire was disappointed. She cried. Sadness at the table. Then I was sad. Was it that pathetic? It was hot. We had chips, salsa, strawberries, everything to make it attractive. But she'd rather have a spoonful of peanut butter or a yogurt. So, I failed, but it tasted pretty good. Then to GS.

We had a new girl-yay! and a speaker. The girls were pretty good. We made valentines for parents, and I made one for Mary Claire. She loved it. Some of the puffy heart stickers were glow-in-the-dark, so she had to check those out! She just loves going. It's always fun. ps-GS cookies are in tomorrow! : )

Then home, jammies, snacks, stories. Tonight was Calvin and Hobbes (Stupendous Man, Tyrannosaurus on the playground) and Ivy + Bean (back to the first book again). They just love to read, and I definitely read too long. I didn't even want to get out of bed (we read in my bed since Ches and Ethan were watching Toy Story on tv).

Ches is out buying more staples as I write. He loves WM almost as much as I do. He just loves to go. I can't let him go too much, as he buys anything and everything. In bulk. 300 new neon straws? He's bought 'em. Last week he bought TWO frozen lasagnas (I guess in case I get too busy?), two cases of drinks, two boxes of Cookie Crisp (?) (he said it was for the cool lego cars inside) (See why I don't let him go often?). He tries new things. Cereals, pizzas, chips, cookies, crackers, ice pops (always two boxes at a time), meats (usually a new variety of salami), cheeses (this week we had Provolone, Pepper Jack, Cheddar, and Cheddar Jack shredded), lunchables for the kids (full of sodium and they only eat the crackers), toilet brushes and toilet plungers (I hate this-he buys things for me to try-gross! I already have a toilet plan). So, it's always much to my chagrin to find out he's headed to the store. I mean, yay! we'll have more bread and bananas and staples, but what will come with them?

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