Monday, February 16, 2009

Cookies are Here!

Today was long. I went in this morning to help unload the truck full of girl scout cookies. We worked fast and hard. I was sweating, and had to take my coat off, it was sweaty on the neck, and by then my shirt was wet. Gross. I stayed till we got all the boxes counted, divided by troop, and started loading them up. I checked out our troops' (responsible for paying for them) and brought them home.

Mom was here so the carpet cleaners could come to clean the hearth room carpet and a couple of other spots in the kids' rooms. They were fast, and very good! All the stained places are gone. The real test is to see if they come back up in the next month or so. I am hoping they won't. It just looks so nice right now! In fact, we hesitated to put the furniture back since they'd left such neat straight vacuum lines. But, we did, and all is restored.

Then Paul came back to repair the sheetrock seam crack in Mary Claire's room for the painters. He was so fast! When he left, Mom and Dad did too, and I put Ethan to bed. It was almost 2 when he went to sleep. I went in my room and debated on reading, working, cleaning, or taking a nap. I decided to spend 30 minutes resting/reading then cleaning from 2:30 on since Kelly and Kiersten were coming over to sort cookies and give them out. Well, that went bust when I fell asleep reading! I woke up about 3:15, ran to see if the kids had come home yet (they were walking across the yard), and realized I had to hurry to straighten up (I'd have lots of people coming to get their cookies!).

We sorted, Ches left for night class, and slowly the parents came. Only about 1 family an hour. Our last parent didn't come until after 8, so it was a long night! We did fine, fed the kids pizza, cookies for snack, had night-night stories, so we made it. Ethan did get to bed late: 8:20, but of course went right to sleep! The kids too. They were exhausted from running around and playing with all the different kids as they came and went! It was quite a night! : )

Now they are settled in, and I'm settling down. I'm sure there's more to do (get laundry out of dryer, load washer clothes into dryer, clean kitchen, make lunches, check Monday folders..) but I can't go any longer! I'm so tired. And I just know I'll be sore tomorrow! I worked, and twisted, and pushed, and loaded. I'll have muscles hurting tomorrow that I don't even realize I have! And then. There's tomorrow.

With Ethan sick (snotty), there'll be no MDO. So, about that ticket to pay... I'll be home with him, which makes more time to clean the kids' closets out of wintery and too-small clothes, but not so much time to run my errands. I think I have a list of about 7 things to do out. But they can wait. Maybe I could run do the drive-thru things with him. Then Mary Claire has gymnastics, and I have Bunko. I'm feeling really bad about the amount of pizza we've eaten lately (although Ethan has eaten well), so I need to make dinner tomorrow. I don't know how with me being at gymnastics, but maybe I'll make soup in the morning. They're eating tons of fresh fruit and veggies, but I just feel bad. It seems like if I put no real work into, I'm failing them (as I consider cooking part of my job description). I will work on it.

Oh, yeah! If you ordered cookies, they are ready for pickup or delivery! : ) Yum, yum! Thin Mints, Samoas, Do-si-dos, Trefoil, Dulce de Leche, Sugar Free Chocolate Chip, Lemon Chalet Cremes, and Tagalongs! If you want more, or didn't get to order, we have some left over, and can order more! Woohoo!


The Ware's said...

We had our cookies yesterday too - I was exhausted by the end of the night.. our garage is still packed with cookies - should be all gone this afternoon though! Whew! :o) Well, back to scrapbooking.. then I still have stuff to get ready for Brownies this afternoon!

Holly said...

I crashed. I am still sore today! : ) You are good to keep your scrapbooking up-I missed again today, but I wouldn't even consider taking Ethan. It would be more work! Maybe he'll go to MDO next week. : ) Did you make it this morning?

The Ware's said...

I didn't make it yesterday - I had too much Brownie stuff to do... I'll see about next week but it might be the following week - Karen said that more people aim to come on the first of the month - I don't know how much I'll be able to accomplish there with Nora but at least I can sit and try and do something.. we'll see..