Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To camp...or not to Camp

Hey peeps!  Guess who didn't make a flower today? ; )

It's been busy.  I will spare you all the gory details, since I love you. ; )  And I vomited words yesterday over my pillowcase dress!  haha : )

Someone didn't want to go back to girl scout camp today.  She was out there from 8-5 in the heat, and she said she was hot.  Heaven forbid she be hot.  in the Arkansas humidity.  in the summer.

I was okay with her skipping today.  I don't push her-I have to push her on so many other things.  I also found out last night why she was running a little low after lunch yesterday (79-on an active day).  She'd dropped her lunch (chicken salad wrap) on the ground, and asked for another one.  At first she said they said no, but then gave her another half a wrap (not equal to the part she'd dropped-and she'd already gotten insulin for the whole thing).

She doesn't know how to speak up for herself.  My prayer for her is that she will have confidence.  Confidence to teach others about diabetes, and confidence to say what she needs to maintain her health.  She so wants to help others (that's a blessing), but will keep quiet and sacrifice herself.  (and, oh golly...her health).  She didn't even tell me till after she got home.  We'd talked on the phone three times yesterday.  (having a phone and talking does not insure communication, BTW)

The good news?  She actually met a new girl with diabetes! : )  Her name is Madison, and she's going into fifth grade, so they are a year apart.  She was diagnosed when she was 8, so she's still fairly new at it (so says Mary Claire-who'd have thought that we'd ever be the "experts"? ..maybe I should say the non-newbies. ; )  ha!)

I really want her to go back and find out more about Madison. (and she is going tomorrow!)  She also has a pink Medtronic pump, no pump pouch (but of course..she needs one!), and they have the same meter apparently.  She was super-excited to find another girl scout in her group (thanks, Springdale Unit!) with diabetes, checking herself, and depending on insulin.  It was like finding an instant friend.  She wants to find out more... whether they'll walk in our Walk to Cure this fall and how to get in touch with her.

I'm just so proud of her for speaking up.  She's started hiding her pump when she gets a bolus at church or when we are out..and it worries me.  I don't try to hide it, and I'm not embarrassed.  She hasn't done anything wrong, and it's our life.  But..all kids have to go through this age-the "embarrassing parents" stage or "bashful about my body" stage.  I guess diabetes is equally uncool?  ('Don't mind me..just keeping myself alive') 

That is why I am suffering as I am. Yet this is no cause for shame, because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that He is able to guard what I have entrusted to Him until that day.  2 Timothy 1:12


Gigi said...

I love my little Sissy!!! She has a heart of gold.

...just don't get between her, Bella and Violet. lol <3<3<3

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Those empathetic souls have a hard time speaking up for themselves, for sure...Bean is like that. It's a fine line for them that's hard to cross, but with D they have to learn to make sure their needs are met, too!
So excited that she met a D-friend. That's so cool! Nothing like 'same' in a world where they can feel so different!

Unknown said...

Aww..so glad that she has a friend at camp with "D". I think that means a lot to our children, just like it means the world to me to have found all of you in my computer.

AND...I agree, I push only where I have too...there is so much that is "controlled" in our little one's lives.

Have a great day!!!

Amy@Diapeepees said...

That must be thrilling to you that she found a friend with d. What a wonderful gift for her. Hope they continue this friendship!

Leigh said...

Yay for the D friend! I always dislike saying YAY to another person that has to go through this, but at the same time, it is just soooo nice to have someone else who really "gets it"!

I am really worried about Aiden on the confidence front. He will hardly say ANYthing to ANYone, much less speak up when there is an issue. I try so hard to not make it anything embarrassing and always try to "advocate" in front of him so he will learn to do it too, but his shyness and "second child" tendancies to just go with the flow really worry me. I am really pushing Philippians 4:13 with him.