Monday, June 6, 2011

Smells Good!

Mmmm...Laundry.  I'm just sure Tide and Downy were invented to make laundry enjoyable("Hey-I have an idea!  If their clothes smell all fresh, and their endorphins are triggered with happy memories of these smells, they'll like laundry, and wash more often..and buy more detergent!")  Is there anything better than fresh, clean-smelling clothes? (I know it's perfume, not the shiny clean-ness making them smell so amazing-but ahhh...)  It does make me love pulling clean clothes out ten times more...and bear the folding and hanging up that must happen immediately, or I have to wash again (to get the smell action going again!)

I have the kids wear their jammies two times, to save on wear and tear, laundry (take that, Tide!), and so they have to practice folding every other morning (and because they aren't dirty after one night of a clean body in them!).  Totally personal choice, but anyway.  We are just phasing Ethan into twice-jammies (he's four and finally takes them off before breakfast!). (since I crave the way the tight jammies make him look like the baby I remember, plus he smells all sweet and clean laundry-ish)  Last night we were too lazy to go upstairs to get him clean jammies, so we pulled on Saturday night's jammies (still on the loveseat after getting him dressed for church downstairs!) since they aren't the tight ones and still looked great, and he put them on reluctantly, then told us, "they don't smell clean" (sadface).  (Umm..have I messed up somewhere?  Now he thinks clean smells like Tide/Downy)  Maybe that's why the kids push their jammies into the dirty clothes instead of folding them...

There was a funky-feet or rubbery smell in our coat closet last week (stale coats?), so I washed all the jackets/coats, and I'm just finishing up!  But the closet still doesn't smell amazing..and then I saw them-the snow boots.  I think I found the skeleton in the closet-eww!  But where do you keep them if not in the bottom of the coat closet? (and I have no mud room!)  Seriously?

-------------We have to commercial break between Downy commercials here. heehee : ) Yesterday was Mary Claire's bridging ceremony from Girl Scout Brownies to Juniors!  She was so excited.  We took Clay to baseball practice, and drove to Wilson Park.  I was so thankful so many people came-it was awesome! : )  The girls were all excited.  They should be-they are growing up!
Ethan chose to bring wear his Buzz getup.

And look what this can do!  It can shoot red sucker arrows!

Now..let's go save the galaxy!

Mary Claire's troop ready to bridge! : )

with her certificate and yummy cookie!

Check that thing out!  Beautiful! (recognize that sweet writing??)

On the bridge (obviously staged on the way back across!)

and then ice cream to celebrate-with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and sprinkles!
I'm super thankful she wasn't too high to eat-we'd eaten out for lunch, but I checked her right before we left for the park-187.  Celebrations can throw her off-all the excitement and adrenaline.  This morning, Ches just brought up that she eats more sugar than she should with diabetes.  We all eat too much sugar.  We don't go out and get it exactly.  And I can't say no at an event, and make her different.  So, what do we do?  All I know to do is let her live her life (as normally as possible), and fight for a CURE.  I refuse to let it get me down.  I lived down there for two years, and I won't go back.  I didn't get mail there, and makeup didn't stay on my face, and it was awful.  I choose to live in Today.  With a pump. And a fight-back attitude.
----You are hereby notified that commercial is over.-----  You're welcome!  (and you didn't get to skip with a DVR!) hahaha!  : )

I've been doing load after load of laundry since yesterday since we moved Clay's room around, and bunked his beds again!  I washed all the bedding, including blankets and quilts, and those all have to be washed separately-so our house smelled good all day (excepting the coat closet).  And my son?  Thrilled to have a clean room and room for his O-gauge train set!!  He was up before seven this morning, and when I went up to tell him it was time to shower-he was running his train (little bro watching), with shower-wet hair, his clothes on, and his towel hung up.  Awesome kid! : )  I was so proud of him.  I think we do the same thing-don't you perform better in a clean, happy environment? (Or was it the overabundance of detergenty smell going to his head?)  (I love it either way!)

Love these kids-all Buzz'd, jammied, sugared, and clean-they are a blessing! : )

ps-here is the winning towel from Saturday:
Heidi, it's in the mail!

Don't forget to register for the next one to be given away tomorrow after 9pm!  Be sure you are following the blog, and leave your first name in a comment! : )
(You'll pick your towel color, fabric for letter, and thread color!)


Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

Ah, clean clothes! Such a wonderful smell, I if they'd just fold and put themselves away!!
Congrats on the Bridging...Bean went from Daisies to Brownies. She loves her troop!
That towel is soooo cute. Totally sign Denise up!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Pick me! :) Terry

Jen Snow said...

You just crack me up!! :) Commericals...silly girl!!

Heidi / D-Tales said...

The towel is gorgeous!!! Thank you!!!! You have some mad sewing and design skills!

I, too, love the smell of fresh laundry. Have you ever smelled the Pure Grace line by philosophy? It smells like soap and water and sort of like fresh laundry. I now use the body lotion and cologne, because it has that yummy fresh scent! That's how much I like the smell of fresh laundry! :)

Congrats to Mary Claire! Madeline's bridging ceremony will be in the fall.

Do I recognize the writing? Is it Ricks??? Does Rick's make delicious cookies in addition to cakes?

I'm with you on the D front. Fight for a cure and enable our kids to do as much as possible without letting D get in the way.

Cindy said...

Cute towel!!

Congrats to Mary Claire!!

Great blog!!

Holly said...

Heidi-Rick's is Magic. Yes, they make anything you can think of-their petit fours are to die for!! It's a bakery, and they serve yummy lunch now too! Brownies, cupcakes, cookies, wedding cakes, donuts, anything baked is YUM there!! : ) (and looks amazing!)

Jen-glad I could make you laugh!!
; ) hahaha! I *heart* commercials, except those that make me cry!!

Denise-if they could fold themselves, it'd be Heaven. My job would at least be cut in half!!

The Ware's said...

The girls did so good yesterday - it was so fun to see them so excited!! And I love how the little ones have grown up together too... love it! :o)

Rachael said...

Hi! It's so nice to meet you! Love your blog! What an awesome family!

Unknown said...

A neighbor once told me Joe could be the poster boy for Tide. I think it was b/c he would get so filthy that sweat marks would leave clean streaks on his face.

Loved this post! AND...agreed on letting them live. I am pretty loosey goosey with carbs etc. I think it will help us avoid some of the rebellion later on. I hope so anyway.

Renee said...

Love you bunches sweet girl...and love the towels!