Thursday, June 9, 2011

Assist Me!

"Assist Me!"  That's Ethan's new Pool Game.  He yells, and he wants you to save him!  I told him he had to quit yelling "Help!" all the time to whomever is around.  And I told him we wouldn't believe him if he was really in trouble.  He wanted to play the game (You "Rescue" Me game), and asked me what to say.  I couldn't think of anything but Assist Me.  I wish I had thought this through more carefully.  I didn't realize I'd hear it every day, and for hours at a time.  Note to self: think before you speak.

I got all kinds of new flowers today!  We got Stella D'ora Daylilies, a new hydrangea bush and a pale pink peony bush (I think my sticks-in-the-dirt didn't work too well.  The hydrangea is starting to peek through, but I want flowers THIS year!), some rosey pink geraniums (they already moved tons to clearance!! Can you imagine?  They are full-sun flowers!), some colorful, full-sun lantana (will bloom ALL summer in the HEAT, even in Arkansas) a fern, and a big pot of hot pink flowers to go on the table under the pergola!

We are redoing a couple beds outside, and moving some stuff-little trees, shrubs, and monkey grass (liriope).  I think my husband may like to move plants more than me!  He looks for projects. ; )  I like the Set-Them-Out kind of plants.  If they come in a pretty pot, they can go home with me!  (or if I can cut them, and set them on my table)  Well, I don't mind planting, jut not in 95 degree temps!

We ended up staying out till after nine trimming trees and shrubs, and I pulled up PILES of ivy from a front bed.  I was afraid of it (snakes were in the forefront of my mind), so I'd just left it alone.  But, I conquered my fears.
This is the small pile.  Before I was halfway.  Ack-Ivy!
I cut, pulled, and I'm not done.  It looks better, and I can see bark out there now!  It looked like overgrown cottage, but the ivy was seriously choking out my azaleas.  We planted half the new plants, but have more to do.  We'll finish sometime tomorrow-I'm sure late when it cools off (since we aren't early morning people!)., Contest!  I am starting a new contest for a white kitchen towel!  It can be monogrammed:
excuse the shine on the letters-I took this with my phone : )
(three applique letters)
or you can have a big applique letter (where fabric makes up the letter with stitches all around), or have a picture applique (I have all sorts of pictures...a cross, easter egg, guitar, flip flop, goldfish, heart, mushroom, paw print, peace sign, pirate hook, snowflake, sunglasses, starfish, etc.) with your last name underneath:

Just make sure you are following my blog, so I can find you to tell you about winning!  Then leave a comment with your name down below.  I'll do the drawing with and publish the winner on Wednesday, June 14th after 9pm! : )  (..You could make it red, white, and blue for Independence Day!)


Jules said...

hahha. funny.

i love gardening days. you feel so good, but after rain especially the work can be so overwhelming!

love the embroidery, its gorgeous.

Denise aka Mom of Bean said...

The flowers all sound lovely! We planted some in pots the girls painted before my trip and they aren't doing so well...Ubergeek handled the D-stuff great but forgot to water the plants! ;)

The towels are so monogrammed stuff!

Unknown said...

Seriously, where in the heck do you find the time to do everything that you do??? Yardwork, crafts, blogging,!!!!

The DL said...

WOW! These are beautiful! How do you have time to do it all?

Holly said...

Jules-it's so rewarding, but yes-hard work!
Denise-be thankful for the little things...blood can be more important that flowers!! : ) Are you home already?
Reyna & DL-Umm...time? I don't dust?..I don't know! Uhhh..we don't really ever have down time-unless Mama's tired! ; )
thanks! : )

Heidi / D-Tales said...

So I can add gardening to your list of talents!!! :) If your husband needs a new project and wants to get a vacation out of it, tell him there's a lovely property in Arizona that could use him. :)